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Here is an email I recieved today regarding my on-going magazine refund incident catagory. To read the whole story find the drop-down catagories and choose “The Magazine refund incident”

This is the only way I could find to comment on your frustration with Select Readers Service (on My Obscure Blog). I am frustrated also, since a friend of mine paid SRS for 2 magazine renewals, which she didn’t need, and one of the renewals has not extended the expiration date of the magazines 3 months after her final payment (3 of 3).. Fortunately she has the letter SRS sent her, giving her the details of the order, and it does say SRS will not give a refund, since it supposedly prepays the magazine company. I don’t know how my friend was contacted, or even if she was. I’m assuming she is out the money, but at least the renewal should extend the expiration date. Of course, SRS prices are much higher than dealing directly with the magazine publisher and most publishers will give you a refund, if requested, but not if you subscribe through a third party like SRS.
I strongly urge you to complain to the Better Business Bureau, because right now SRS has a BBB rating of B+ and no complaints in the last 36 months. I intend to change that in a couple months after I wait for SRS to go through its clearing house, yet another level of money-grabbing. Go to
These electronic checks are “written” by many scammers and my friend is caught in the web. Therefore, she has changed her checking account to another bank, since changing accounts within her bank did not solve the problem. This is a pain, but at least no more checks can be “written” on a closed account.
I am on a crusade to prevent the spread of magazine and sweepstakes scams. A local TV station just did a segment last week on the problem and everyone who is vulnerable or caregiver of same needs to hear about this.
Please let me know that you received this. I’m curious if Noreen at “Woman’s Day” answered your letter.
Sandy Ayers

Here is my reply email to her:


I should have written an update on the incident but I keep pretty busy. This is what happened.

As I was sitting at my bank, (prepared to give them a lot of guff for letting that bogus check go through) but they were very nice and very understanding and they assured me that they would reverse the transaction. … which they did. They sent it back and restored my money.

Meanwhile, while I was sitting right there in the bank, I got a phone call from the magazine service, and they assured me that they do not give refunds. I said “Okay.” and that was all I said to them. (while secretely thinking…. we’ll see about that.)

I thought that was the end of the story but…a few weeks later, after the transaction was reversed, they sent my mom a BILL for the amount. This really made me mad and my mom was ready to just go ahead and pay them. I said… NO WAY.

So I sent another email, to the Woman’s Day Magazine about them sending my mom a bill. ?It is on my blog.

Later, out of the blue, Mom received a check for $51.00 from them Woman’s day magazine. I kept it for payment of all my trouble.

As far as reporting them to the better business bureau, I don’t know which one would be interested, and I have already spent more time than I wanted to spend on the whole mess, so I just decided to put it on the Internet for everyone to to see. I think the Internet is as effective as the better business bureau, at least for people who google.

I will add this to my blog under that catagory including your email.

Gloria Jean

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