Dyncorp in Haiti – Kidnapping and Rape By UN Troops

kissingerclinton_0Kissinger is the CEO for the farming of humanity. Dyncorp and Osprey Global Solutions are the names of Corporations working in Haiti.  They take oil, gas, gold, minerals, and children for sex trafficking and exploitation, children for  experimenting on with new vaccines, and use prisoners (and other humans) who are  being harvested for their organs. (Hearts, kidneys, etc.) They built a huge hospital with a heliport just for this purpose, while the people of Haiti’s hospitals are not being brought up to standard even with all the billions of dollars people have donated to this country and this cause through “charities” and foundations like the Clinton Foundation. This kind of human harvesting is happening world wide.  It was about to start in America if Hillary Clinton would have won the election. It already is happening here to a large extent as thousands of children and humans go missing every day in this country. As unbelievable as it seems, this is the farming of humanity and this company is ultimately believed to be owned and run by non-human off planet entities and their human offspring and human puppets who have betrayed humanity. But regardless of what you believe,as far as who is doing this, it is happening.. right now.  The video linked below by George Webb mentions a man by the name of Henry Kissinger who is one of the people in charge of these kinds of operations.  He and Hillary sure look like intimate friends in the picture above.


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