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The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017

Mike RodgersAn Alabama Congressman has sponsored a new bill in the House of Representatives that
if successful would see the country withdrawn from the United Nations, which could leave the New York-based organization significantly weakened and take the U.S. closer to its isolationist policy prior to joining World War II.

The bill, known as the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017, is sponsored by Rep. Mike Rogers and was referred to the House Committee on foreign affairs earlier this month. Specifically, the bill would repeal the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 and other related laws. It was proposed on January 3 and  is cosponsored by a handful of Republican lawmakers, including North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, Missouri Rep. Jason Smith, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, Tennessee Rep. John Duncan Jr., and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz.

The bill proposes barring the US from committing funds or troops to UN peacekeeping operations worldwide and stipulates that the UN must vacate property owned by the US government. It would repeal the 1973 Environment Program Participation Act, strip UN employees of diplomatic immunity in the US, and repeal the US’s membership and participation in the World Health Organization.

The bill’s language is strong, and it’s an extreme long shot to garner the necessary support to pass the House and move on to the Senate. Rogers tried, unsuccessfully, to pass a similar bill in 2015.

Nikki Haley, Trump’s pick to replace Samantha Power as the US ambassador to the UN, said during her Senate confirmation hearing last week that the UN is a body that is “often at odds with American national interests,” and called the US’s decision to abstain from the Israel vote “a terrible mistake.”

She said that while the US should reexamine its “disproportionate” financial contribution to the UN, she doesn’t think there should be “a slash and burn” of the US’s support for the organization.

“I want to bring back faith in the UN,” Haley said. “I want to show that we can be a strong voice at the UN. I want to show that we can make progress and have action at the UN.”

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