Missing Children

And then Robert De Niro said “Fuck Trump.”

In public at some flaky Hollywood awards ceremony, where  Hollywood sleaze bags all gather to pat each other on the back and pass out awards, Robert De Niro uttered his speech. It was:  “Fuck Trump.” (among a bunch of other things) Okay, Mr. DeNiro, some people just don’t appreciate your disgusting remarks about our President.  So…. […]

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DynCorp – Child Trafficking, Sexual Entrapment, Asset Seizure

It is a good possibility that along with all the other crimes of human trafficking that DynCorp is involved in, that it is also in the business of organ harvesting. Meanwhile, Haiti’s 50 Hospitals Struggle to Recover As Paul Farmer’s Mirebalais Hospital is Built in 19 Months with a Helipad. George Web continues to investigate […]

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