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Dyncorp in Haiti – Kidnapping and Rape By UN Troops

Kissinger is the CEO for the farming of humanity. Dyncorp and Osprey Global Solutions are the names of Corporations working in Haiti.  They take oil, gas, gold, minerals, and children for sex trafficking and exploitation, children for  experimenting on with new vaccines, and use prisoners (and other humans) who are  being harvested for their organs. […]


DynCorp – Child Trafficking, Sexual Entrapment, Asset Seizure

It is a good possibility that along with all the other crimes of human trafficking that DynCorp is involved in, that it is also in the business of organ harvesting. Meanwhile, Haiti’s 50 Hospitals Struggle to Recover As Paul Farmer’s Mirebalais Hospital is Built in 19 Months with a Helipad. George Web continues to investigate […]


Hundreds of Children Missing in Virginia

An anonymous citizen journalist researcher joins to break shocking news about the astonishing number of children missing from the Virginia-Washington DC area. In light of #PizzaGate and what appears to be a child trafficking and pedophilia ring in the area, this researcher known as “Mark” wanted to see if there was a correlation of […]