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Evil Plan to Stop Donald Trump by “Friends of the Earth.”

A non profit democratic organization called “Friends of the earth” is building a movement to “Stop Donald Trump” They are sending out emails asking for donations. They actually believe the democrats care about the environment and them. This has proven to be false. They, along with their buddies the Bushes, are destroying the earth. They […]

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Doomsday Plane E-6B Circles Denver Airport Nov 16th

  A Possible horrific false flag may have just been averted as some very strange and classified goings-on happened  on Nov. 16th when a strange plane identified as E-6B (“Iron99″) and nicknamed the “Doomsday plane” was identified circling the Denver Airport for an hour. E-6B crews are responsible for coordinating the launches of nuclear missiles […]

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Will Anti-Trump Protesters be Given Guns?

The George Soros’s master plan to take down a nation begins with the establishment of what are called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to act as a “shadow government” ready to take power once the established order is thrown into chaos by massive protests. The anti-Trump protests going on in America today are all very well funded […]

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