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The On-Going Magazine Refund Incident

This is an update to previous blogs about my attempts to cancel Woman’s Day Magazine and get a refund after Select Readers Service wrote a bogus, electronic check WITHOUT PERMISSION for $44.82. I have reached a point of ridiculous frustration in the knowledge that large corporations are so disconnected with their customer base that they […]


Going Full Circle attempting to Get a Refund

This is an update on the previous post on the Magazine Refund Incident. The run-around: As I suspected, the phone number given to me by email customer service of Woman’s Day Magazine (800-890-8180– National Publishers Exchange agency –who had given me another number to call =Lincoln Marketing Service @ 1-800-890-8180) was affiliated with the first […]


The Magazine Refund Incident.

Trying to get a refund for a magazine you don’t want has become a major frustration in today’s complicated magazine sales world. It was explained to me today in one of my many frustrating conversations with some company that this is just how the system works. I told him that the system sucks. He didn’t […]