Derek Sivers fly-by video Review

Review by Gloria Jean

Don’t Take Life so Seriously

(Fly-by Video Reviews are in keeping with a fast paced Internet information overload and are not meant to be too detailed or forgiving in a world of short attention spans and blazing fast Internet surfing. I don’t target specific people, I just pick something interesting at random.)

I liked this video because it has a great message. That message is about stress. The bottom line is, stress will kill you and it will make you miserable if you let it get the best of you. Taking things too seriously will create stress in your life.

So the message is, RELAX! Relax, have fun, and enjoy what you are doing. To live in fear is to visualize the worst that might happen, and to visualize those things is how you will create them. Expect success.
Have fun.

Thumbs up to this video with its positive message!!

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