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Do I have to learn HTML?

Do I have to learn HTML?

To learn HTML or not, that is the question

by Gloria Jean

Most people will shy away from learning HTML Markup for web pages. To them, its like learning a new language. But if you are interested in having a web site you should should not have to depend on someone else to make or maintain your web site. Or if you have a website and you would like to know more about the ‘gobble-dee-gook’ behind the pages, then you should learn some basic HTML. Even if you don’t make websites, you are going keep finding a need to learn some basic HTML tags.

Even if you are using popular web page making program like front page or DreamWeaver, and you do not use or look at the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) you may run into problems later and you will be unable to find or fix the error.

I want to encourage others who are interested in learning to make web pages or in learning to understand or maintain their WYSIWYG web pages they created in some program, and I would like to share some very basic steps to getting started. I am writing this for first timers. It is not meant to be “everything you ever wanted to know about making web pages.” It is more like “getting started making web pages for computer newbies.”

My advice would be: “Don’t do it if you aren’t really interested, because if you aren’t interested it will not hold your attention and you cannot apply your concentration or determination. You will eventually just give up on it, and you will have just wasted your time.

On the more positive note, you can learn basic HTML in about two weeks, and all that scary gook behind your page won’t be so intimidating. Then, just when you think you are a web master, you will discover how much more there is to learn.

Most of what I have learned about building web sites was from free tutors on the Internet, books ordered from the Internet, and from looking at good (and many not-so-good) web pages. W3School is a complete resource to making web sites.

For my instructions and basic introduction to making a simple web page, go to the home page on this site at bacaracka.com and look to the left for link to free learning tutors.

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