Eban Pagan, The Guru of Information Product Training

Eban Pagan teaches people how to start and build a successful on line business with information products.   If you are going to get into the information business or into personal coaching he will take you through all the steps to do this in a very understandable format.

As of this post, June 3, 2010, he has partnered with some of the most well known Internet marketers on line who are promoting his Guru Blueprint training like crazy, and giving away some fantastic bonuses if you purchase his training through them, so you can be he is being very generous to his partner affiliates for the use of their lists.  I have gotten promotions from at least five experts, each with very tempting offers if I purchase through them.

You will not go into this program blind.  Eban spell out exactly what he is offering and I am quite sure it is worth it every penny if you can afford it.

Eban Pagan got started selling information with his book “Double your dating” under his pen name David DeAngelo.  Since then, he has produced many other information/training products in the form of Ebook and Videos.
Eban Pagan’s Blog

The Modern Guru at its finest!
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