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Going Full Circle attempting to Get a Refund

Going Full Circle attempting to Get a Refund

This is an update on the previous post on the Magazine Refund Incident.

The run-around:
As I suspected, the phone number given to me by email customer service of Woman’s Day Magazine (800-890-8180– National Publishers
Exchange agency –who had given me another number to call =Lincoln Marketing Service @ 1-800-890-8180) was affiliated with the first company (Select Readers Service at 800 432-7951).

Lincoln Marketing Service directed me to a voice mail service where I was to leave my name and number for them to return my call. (The voice that spoke to me and transferred me did seem very familiar.)

Anyway, I left my number. Then I decided that instead of going in circles I would take action today and go to the bank and ask them why they cashed a check that did not have the right name on it and was not signed by either me or my mother.

The bank lady kindly explained to me that these days with all the electronic checks coming at them, that the banks just cash anything that vaguely resembles a check as long as it has a working account number at the bottom. (Well, she may not have used those exact words.)

While I was sitting at her desk, I got a return call from the gal at Lincoln Marketing services, (although she did not identify the name of her company. — Even when I called the number they answered it simply “Publishers.” )

At this point the nice lady at the Bank was making arrangements to get my money back and bounce the check; so I was feeling calm and smug. The lady on the phone explained to me that I had already talked to her Supervisor yesterday and that they were “just a clearing house'” and that they “have a no refund policy.”

I told her that I had gone full circle from Woman’s Day magazine and that nobody wanted to take responsibility for getting my money refunded and if that was their policy then I would have to approach this from a different angle.

She kept insisting that my mother had to have given them her bank routing number and agreed to the renewal for them to have done this. I assured her that my mother did not do that and that she never pays for anything via electronic checks. I thanked her and hung up. She seemed surprised that I gave up so easily.

So at this point the Bank is going to get the money back into the account, but they told me to keep a close eye on the bank statements because these people can turn around and send it back through.

If they do, I intend see what other legal actions I can take.

The lady at the bank said the I could close this account and open another account with a different number, but that would require that I notify the Social Security Office who deposits a check there every month, and I’m afraid that might be another nightmare to get accomplished.

Lets hope this is the end of it.

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