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Kyle & Carson, “The Wealthy Affiliates”

Kyle & Carson, “The Wealthy Affiliates”

Internet Marketing tip: Don’t Bore Your List With Long Stories About Yourself.

Okay so I opened an email today from some guy (or guru) named Kyle, last name unknown, who has me on his mailing list. It was a very long email. He said he wanted to chat? with me about the price of education or something like that.

We must be on a first name basis, cause I just don’t know his last name.

Chat? Really? Since when does my being on his mailing list mean that I have time to chat with him. ? All the while of course I know this is not chatting. This is me trying to get through a long boring email from someone I don’t know in person and have never had a one on one direct communication with.

He was telling me a story about himself and so, because I was bored by it, I started counting how many times he used the word. ? When I got to 25, I quit counting. He was telling me a personal story about himself. On and on he went about his experience in college, as if I knew him and as if I cared. Sure, he wants me to get to know him but with a news letter, that is usually a one way street. My mind just went foggy.

This must be his idea of developing a personal relationship? with his list that everyone is always preaching about I suppose. I’m just thinking, how stupid does he think I am (or his list is?)

I read many newsletters from people trying to sell their information products to me and I am to the point now where I just want to know what they are selling and how it can help me and how much it costs. I want an information product that solves my problems. I don’t care about his experience in college and I don’t need to be convinced that his information product is better than college. I already gave up on college a long time ago. If he knew me, he would know that.

Okay blah blah blah so I click on his link and see what he is trying to sell. I think I’ve glanced over it before…

Okay so it’s a membership site that teaches people to become affiliates and about Internet marketing and they want $39.00 per month. I checked it out, and they have all the routine stuff. But its stuff I already know about and already have, as I am twice their age and been learning stuff on the Internet since they were teens.

Well it looks like they have got a good business there. I wish them the best of luck, but I have a new and very strict company policy. I don’t sign up for membership sites that have a monthly charge. I just can’t keep track of them little buggers, I’m gettin’ old and forgetful. They can really eat a hole in your bank account if you’re not careful.

What did I learn from this email? I need to unsubscribe from that guy.

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