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Social Media Management, Are they kidding?

Social Media Management, Are they kidding?

This is sort of a rant. I apologize.

I just got through listening to a 17 minute sales pitch video from a hyperactive “all excited” guy selling a course on social media management.

I was actually curious about it, but I just couldn’t get through his long annoying video sales pitch so I closed the page. I don’t have the time for all that urgent fever pitch kind of sales bull crap. I wanted him to get to the bottom line before I lost my patience. He didn’t. (And I have a lot of patience I think….well, maybe not.) So I closed the window.

I think the method of “getting all fever pitched excited” in order to sell an idea has past its prime. Could I be wrong or am I just getting to be an old fuddy duddy? Maybe its just me; but I just wanted him to get to the point and get on with it so I could get back to doing real work.

I am going to assume he was selling a social media coaching program for this lady who he claimed was so successful doing it. However, I did not get all the way through the video. My thoughts were, “if she is so all fired successful and busy, then why is she selling her course or coaching?” That’s always the big question I have. I guess I’ll never know, I’m too impatient. (See there, I guess I’m NOT patient after all when it comes to some things.)

Besides, I have made it my company policy not to associate with people who pretend to be excited, yell at me, or come on too strong. (I don’t do one time offers either. I hate those. You can have the best product out there and you might have me ready to buy; but if you send a pop-up window with a one time offer in it, you’ve lost me.)

I don’t really know if being a social media manager would be a good business or not, but its not one I want to be in. I can’t imagine any of the local businesses in my town paying me $500.00 to $1000.00 per month to do it for them. I couldn’t even get them to pay me $25.00 to put up a web page for their business. The concept of paying someone to be your social media manager and handle your Twitter, Facebook and other accounts just seems wrong to me. When it becomes big business its just not social anymore, right?

These days, you don’t know if someone wants to be your friend or if they just want to sell you their product. While it is true that we buy things from people we like, I am now at the point of wondering if my friends on Facebook and Twitter are real, and if they talking to me or if some manager is doing it.

Granted I’m sure all the big stars and politicians have social media managers. I’m quite sure Obama and Opra don’t have time to sit around posting to people on twitter and chatting on Facebook. Well maybe they do, I don’t really know. I guess I’m still conflicted about it. I can only say that social media management just doesn’t feel right to me.

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