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The Magazine Refund Incident.

The Magazine Refund Incident.

Trying to get a refund for a magazine you don’t want has become a major frustration in today’s complicated magazine sales world. It was explained to me today in one of my many frustrating conversations with some company that this is just how the system works. I told him that the system sucks. He didn’t seem to give a rats ass.

No wonder the magazine industry is threatened with going under. Anyone who has a computer does not need to pay for a magazine. Why does everything have to be so complicated? Whatever happened to companies who actually answer their phones? Instead I get recordings and are put on hold for 20 minutes.

The Story: My mother once wrote a check for something she purchased from her junk snail-mail to enter a sweepstakes contest and her purchase came with some free magazine samples.   Apparently they kept her bank account number and have renewed her subscription to Woman’s Day magazine without her consent.  They sent a check of their own creation to her bank and the bank actually cashed it. The check did not even have her correct name on it but some other first name and of course her signature was not on it.  In the signature part of the check there was just a stamp that read “Select Reader Service.”

Then Select Readers Service of Virginia Beach Virginia sent her a letter informing her (and thanking her) for allowing them to service her with her ‘favorite’ magazines subscriptions…. and a bunch of other blah blah blah.

Hence begins my efforts to get a refund and to cancel the magazine.

Here is an email I sent to Noreen, who is connected to Woman’s Day magazine itself in the customer service department. I decided to go to the source directly to see if I could accomplish anything. I thought I had at first, but it looks like this is just the beginning. I decided to keep a running record of further developments.



I just want to keep you informed of my progress in getting
your magazine canceled and in getting my refund and congratulate
the entire magazine industry on their successful system designed
to totally frustrate their customers.

My call to Select Readers Service of Virginia Beach Va ended in
anger and frustration so that is why I emailed Woman’s Day.

I called the number you provided (800-890-8180) National Publishers
Exchange agency and after staying on hold for twenty minutes, I was told that they
were not able to give me a refund and that I should call yet another
company. This one is called “Lincoln Marketing Service” and is also
in Virginia. Address: 2698 Norfork VA, phone 1-800-424-0076. I was given
an identification number of # (not going to publish this)

I called that number and of course was met by a recording with a
gambit of choices and then to my surprise a real person answered
and I told her I wanted to cancel a magazine and get a refund. She asked
what magazine and I told her Woman’s Day. Then she transferred me
to a voice mail box where I could only leave my name and phone number
for a return call.

I fear that this company is probably connected to Select Readers Service
who informed me that they could not give me a refund. Currently I
await their return call.

I am keeping a record of all of this run-around and I will be posting it on
the Internet. Its almost a funny story. Ridiculous is the word.

If I fail to get a resolution to this matter my next step is to go to my
bank and demand that they reimburse me for cashing a bogus check
that was not authorized or signed by my mom, and I may see about
what other legal actions I can take.

It should not be allowed for a company to just take money from the

Gloria Jean

******************END OF EMAIL****************

Check back here for the next exciting episode.

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