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Affilojetpack, and the Super Internet Guru Rat Pack

Affilojetpack, and the Super Internet Guru Rat Pack

Affilojetpack and the Invasion of the Super Internet Guru Rat Pack

Run for cover! Its the invasion of the super monster Internet guru rat pack now with the pre-launch buzz for Mark Ling’s affilojetpack. I’ll repeat that, its the rat pack selling the jet pack. Pretty catchy huh?.

Partnering with Mark Ling to sell his affilojetpack product are big name Internet guru’s like Eban Pagan, Adam Short, Brad Callen, and Alex Goad. Probably more, but I’m not on all the mailing lists out there. They are promoting a product that sells for $497.00 and giving away thousands of dollars worth of their own product for bonuses if you buy the jetpack through them. (Or at least that’s the value they are placing on them.)

I’m not really interested in Mark Ling’s affilojetpack but some of the bonuses being offered by all the partners are looking pretty good. The thought even crossed my mind to buy the product just to get some of the bonuses, but that’s just silly. Why don’t I just write to the guys giving away the bonuses and offer to pay them whatever commission they are getting to sell the affilojetpack? (But they probably wouldn’t even talk to me, cause they are way out of my league, or so I’ve been told.)

You also have to ask yourself the question, “How much of this is puff and hype?” (Probably a lot.)

So what else is going on in Internet Guru news? Well, Ryan Diess is promoting his authority codes as a way to procure perpetual Internet traffic from search engines. (mostly Google) He is saying that inbound links from certain websites will give your site more juice. Eban Pagan is helping him promote that too.

Eban is a busy guy. On top of his own new product launch “Guru Blueprint,” he is helping to launch Ryan’s Perpetual Traffic Formula and Mark Ling’s Affilojetpack. Of course Eban has a “staff” now that works for him. He can do many things at once. I have been told by one of his staff just recently, that Eban is not just another run of the mill guru, that he is a cut way above the rest. For a guy who got his start as a pick up artist, (and one of the best I might add,) he has done very well for himself. He is a very good communicator, but he will only talk to people who pay him (and he does not come cheap.)

Okay I am going to come clean with you, the reader of this obscure blog.

I can’t stand product launches. There, I said it.

They are all a bunch of hype as far as I am concerned. So what if they can make a lot of money in short amount of time. I still think they are a bunch of hype. Its not like these people have a brick and mortar building where they have to actually open the doors and let the crowd in on opening day. This is cyper space for God’s sake!

Its all just a tactic to get people into a buying frenzy. They offer personal support with their training program and then they tell you that they may have to set a limit to the number of programs they can sell because they “just can’t handle that many people at once.” Then they send you a special email offer because you are on their “personal list” or a “special client” of theirs and they are going to give you a head start to get in to buy their product early. -But you have to act soon and sign up. Then they offer bonuses to the first 100 people that sign up for their “get in early to buy” special offer.


Oh geeeze! Gag me with a spoon. Get real you guys. You are just NOT REAL. It’s getting to the point of being ridiculous. You see, I have read all the books about the tactics of “The Game” and of pick up artists and this stuff sounds vaguely familiar.

Yet their emails sound just like they wrote them a few minutes ago off the top of their head. They didn’t. These tactics are carefully written and executed far in advance of the event. (Sort of like the Patriot act.)

Here is my message to the super Gurus’ who do not talk to me (unless I pay them, and then they still may not talk to me) is this: “Seriously, if you have a good product, just tell us about it and offer it for sale at a reasonable price without all the damn hype and bull. Stop acting like a bunch of pick-up artists.”

I hope I haven’t offended anyone. Probably not, because nobody actually reads my obscure blog anyway.

Anyway, I feel better now.

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