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Disturbing Mental Email Ramblings

Disturbing Mental Email Ramblings

The Email sorting dilemma:

Skimming through my email deleting things, its funny how the mind works.

Some one is following me on twitter… (I don’t care… DELETE)

Numerous Internet marketing guru’s selling their latest product. I know what each of them are selling, and still trying to wear me down.. …. No thanks, I don’t have time for that or time to listen you or your interview or your video (once again.)

Gosh Mark Joyner sure sends me a lot of stuff, I’m wondering how many things I actually signed up for from him; or is he just stalking me. Let’s see what he’s selling now…. Oh, it that same thing again. He sure is persistent. …DELETE, DELETE, DELETE)

A support ticket answered … I wonder if I should keep that… oh, its from Tom Venuto. He is one of the few people who actually answer my emails, and sometimes in person himself. Nice guy.

Neil Morgan… who the heck is that? (OPEN)… Oh yeh, he is still trying to sell me that auto responder program. I wonder if I need that… maybe, if I had a large list. Can’t afford it right now. I suppose it will be around for sale down the road if I do….

Patricia somebody wants to be my friend on face book. .. I wonder why. Who are these people anyway,….?

Oh someone wants to review my tarot deck. I may look into that. I need all the exposure I can get. But why can’t I get my trout fishing affiliate to respond to my emails? He’s probably out catching trout. Well, that makes sense…

I just want to get these emails out of here so I don’t’ have to sort through all of this stuff all the time to find the important ones. I think I will just select them all and stick them in another folder to look at later. Who am I kidding, I never look at them later. But if I delete them I may loose something that was important…

I hate email sometimes. Except those red ones. I had all my payments from Pay Pal colored in red so I will know when I am getting paid for something. Ya gotta love those red ones!

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