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Here is what the Internet Guru’s are Teaching, and Charging Two Grand for.

Here is what the Internet Guru’s are Teaching, and Charging Two Grand for.

I’m a little disappointed in my two favorite make money on line? gurus. I am not even going to mention their names because I do like them and I am learning a lot from them. I admired them because they made their product accessible, affordable and available to people just starting out who wanted to learn Internet marketing with their membership sites.

Unlike some other’s who are wanting two thousand dollars up front for their hand holding programs. (sigh) What ever happened to the good old days where they just wrote a book and sold it for $35.00 or $97.00. Gone are those days I guess.

Oh yeh, the reason I am “disappointed.” Well, one of them gave in and partnered with a long-time guru selling a two thousand dollar package much like the same stuff he was offering. ?(Seems like a conflict of interest to me, but the commissions must be good.) ?Did he sell out? I think so. ?He should have just stuck to doing what he was doing.

The other favorite guru was more independent. He created his own two thousand dollar hand holding program. (sigh) … and just when I was starting have really warm thoughts about him….

Okay so this is what they are teaching:

  • 1. How to select a niche and make a website about it.
  • 2. How to get traffic to that niche.
  • 3. How to set it up and test it.
  • How to track clicks.
  • How to set up an auto-responder.
  • How to get people to sign up for your email list.
  • How to set up a membership site.
  • How to build relationships? with your potential customers.
  • How to find the people that need your product.
  • How to monetize your affiliate website.
  • How to create your own product.
  • How to write a sales letter.
  • How to get free traffic.

Okay then, you have your work cut out for you. ?And this is all absolutely free. There is a lot to learn. ?If you can’t afford to pay someone to hold your hand, then all you have to do is set out to investigate and learn all of the above things.

Do a search, I’m sure you’ll turn up a lot of information about each of them.

Other things you need to learn:

  • How to set up a wordpress blog site.
  • How to use plugins.
  • How to optimize your webpage with meta tags.
  • What kind of website google likes. (Just ask them they will tell you for free.)

Well what are you waiting for? Get started. Nobody is holding your hand here. Get on with it! ?Pick one of the above, do a search and start learning.

Most of what they teach is out there already. Its the hand holding and the promise to do a lot of the work for you that they are charging for.

(But how can you really learn if they do most of the work for you? )

And there is always the up sells. That is where they keep coming up with something else they think you need.

I would like to be able to throw money at all of that to save some time, but I am just starting out and I will have to have some small amount of success first before I can afford to do that.

You see, its not the information they are selling. Its the personal attention, the hand holding, etc that they are selling.

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