Liars! Scam Review Sites that promote products. I.E Affilojetpack.

With the massive release of Mark Ling’s affilojetpack a search for the term affilojetpack will net you dozens of pages of phony review sites that are nothing more than promotions FOR the product.

It is selling for less than $500.00 so the affiliates can’t be making much more than that unless there is a huge back end sales plan to extract more money from the buyers of affilojetpack.

I’m not an affiliate so I don’t know why so many people are promoting this product with such high praise for Mark Ling. They have set up domain names just for that purpose alone. In my opinion they have sold their souls.

How can they, in good conscience, use deceptive tactics to get people to their site using words like “affilojetpack exposed!” or “affilojetpack scam” or “honest revew” of affilojetpack” and “don’t buy affilojetpac until you read this!” when they are in fact promoting the product?

Liars, all of them. They are like a bunch of gulls all fighting for a piece of dead fish and they are laying traps for Internet traffic and for people who really want to know about affilojetpack. They use words like “scam” because it attracts people’s attention and gets them into their site.

I hope people wise up.

I think if the product is really good, then it is not necessary to use so much feverish hype to promote it. Its a feeding frenzy. Do you really want to get involved in that? I don’t.

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