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The Advantage of Using CSS to Design Your site.

The Advantage of Using CSS to Design Your site.

If you use CSS for the design portion of your website you will thank yourself later when you decide you want it to have a different header or a different look.

Sometimes I think I would rather go back to the old way of building websites with tables and images and coding that tells each page what to do. This happens when I am updating a site and I run into some problem trying to figure out what css code I need to add to get my fonts to change size or color or some other thing.

But the other day I decided to change the look of an entire website. I was very thankful that I had used CSS for the design and header. I had many pages, and I wanted the header changed on every page. With a normal site done the old way, I would have had to open each page and delete the current image and code in the new image.

With CSS, all I had to do was change the address to the header image on the css style sheet and the entire site header was changed on every page.

Now if you want to throw together a website that will only have a few pages I guess doing it the old way is okay if you are comfortable with that.

A large site with hundreds of pages is another story. If, sometime in the future, you want the site to have a different look, you just about have to scrap the whole site and start over working on every single page.

Even if you don’t have time to learn everything there is to know about CSS, there are CSS templates all over the Internet that you are allowed to use for free. Then, learn a little at a time and used dream weaver design view and you can wing it and still look like you know what you are doing.

There are a lot of great tutors and books available for learning CSS and I have quite a lot of them…. but who has time for all of that. I mostly just refer to them when I have to and wing it.

Getting overwhelmed with all the information is not productive. I’m just thankful that whenever I need to know something all I really have to do is do a search on my favorite search engine. (which is google). Its nice to have google because now I don’t have to know everything.

Learn one thing at a time as you are doing it, and google what you don’t know. Only learn what you need to learn to get the job done and you won’t get overwhelmed.

You can procure some great CSS designs here for free: Max Design

There are many more out there, just do a search for “free css templates” and you will find them.

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