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The Guru Review, Scams or Super Salesmanship?

The Guru Review, Scams or Super Salesmanship?

I have nothing against salesmanship or gigantic gurus who pretend to be giving you something. They are simply doing what they do. Then of course they end up actually trying to sell you something you can’t afford. Okay that’s what they do. That’s how they got rich.

But I draw the line when they send me their emails with high pressure time limited offers (which I spend my valuable time reading or listening to a video.) Then when I reply to them to tell them “no thank you” or tell them why I decided not to take them up on their offer, the email gets bounced back at me.

They aren’t listening to their potential customers. They are on the fast track to wherever it is they are going and they aren’t looking back. I have no need for people who won’t communicate with me.

So, am I being unrealistic? Is it too much to expect a business relationship to have some sort of two way communication?

Perhaps all they are interested in is making the sale and going on to the next prospect. It’s the age old “Slam bam thank you maam!” syndrome. No wonder sometimes I just feel screwed.

So who am I talking about? Well Mike Filsaime for one. I loved his rags to riches story and he is probably much too rich now to ever go bankrupt again; but you never know. Okay, I admit, he is out of my league in the Internet business category. I am just a beginner, he is not.

Eban Pagan, or at least his “staff” made promises to me that they never kept. I’m still waiting for all their “Free Help.” It’s not that I expect things for free. Heavens I have spent a lot of money learning some of this stuff. But when they promise something, and I get all excited about it, I do expect them to deliver, or else I lose respect for them and their methods or intentions, whatever they are. They do still send me emails promoting the next thing that will put some money into their pocket.

But hey, that’s what they do.

I have learned a lot of important things from the free stuff given away by the Internet gurus don’t get me wrong. It is my intention to learn whatever I can without going bankrupt myself. I will just say that the hook is that they offer something free, then they make their offer which involves you spending a lot of money.

So what did I learn? From Eban Pagan I learned that its not always what you are selling that makes it valuable, but how you package it and present it. Sounds a bit like fly fishing to me.

From Mike Filsaime I learned that salesmanship is very important, but I hope I’m never so big that I bounce emails back to my subscribers.

From Steve Little (The perfect biz finder) I learned a very important lesson. That is, that you have to be be doing something you love in order to be truly happy and successful. (Which sounds like a worn out cliché but he really drives this home.)

Mark Ling of Affilorama really clarifies this when he states that you need a year’s worth of follow up emails for your subscribers and that they have to be valuable and interesting. Wow! Now if I was not all that interested in my niche, I could be spending a lot of time on that. Doing that would be keeping me away from the things I really love to do.

Is Affilorama a scam? No, its not. They give away a lot of information; but it is information that you can get everywhere if you spend a lot of time looking. They also have some pretty expensive things they will try to sell you. By the way, I only asked if Affilorma was a scam for the benefit of the search engine spiders.

So are these all scams? No, not as long as they offer an unconditional money back guarantee, and honor it. They are examples of super salesmanship though. But sometimes I feel like I have numerous parasites clinging to me and my wallet trying to suck me dry with each and every email I open.

I have yet to see one of these obscenely wealthy millionaires actually give something away with no strings attached. Oh well, that’s how they got to be millionaires isn’t it? Maybe. I don’t really know. Perhaps when I get to be a millionaire I will know these things….

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