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The On-Going Magazine Refund Incident

The On-Going Magazine Refund Incident

This is an update to previous blogs about my attempts to cancel Woman’s Day Magazine and get a refund after Select Readers Service wrote a bogus, electronic check WITHOUT PERMISSION for $44.82.

I have reached a point of ridiculous frustration in the knowledge that large corporations are so disconnected with their customer base that they cannot handle a simple cancellation request.

My mother NEVER gives anyone permission for payment by electronic check. They insist that she “MUST HAVE BECAUSE…” they had her checking account number. Well… duh… she paid for something several years ago with some sort of sweepstakes junk mail with a check. That is the only way they could have gotten her check number unless she actually paid for a renewal with a real check. In any case, she never gave them permission to just take the money out of her bank.

Even if that were not true, which it is, they should still be able to handle a cancellation and refund request!

Here is my latest letter to Noreen of Woman’s Day magazine. I am through talking to those other idiots.



I am going to be forced to hold Woman’s Day Magazine, personally
responsible for the continued harrassment and frustration I
am getting from your “agents” who are selling and distributing your
magazine? I have told them repeatidly that I want it
CANCELED I have asked for a refund and have been told I would not get one.

You said that National Publishers Exchange agency would be
“happy to help me with the cancelation and refund request.”

Not true.

They told me that they had nothing to do with that. They told
me to call Select Readers Service, who told me that they do
not do any refunds!

Select Readers Service has personally informed me over the phone, that they DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS.
And they have redirected me to National Publishers
Exchange who have sent me back to Select Readers Services.

Nobody knows what they are doing. Nobody is listening. Nobody seems
to give a damn either.

And I am not going to call either one of these ridiculous
companies again. I have gone around in too many circles already!

So I told my bank to send the bogas electronic check back. They did.

Now today I got a BILL in the mail from Select Readers Services for that amount! They said it was past due!!

So please tell me whom shall I report to the Better
Business Bureau?

Who in God’s name is going to take responsiblilty for
this simple request?


If not, there is something really wrong with your entire system.

I am not going to pay this bill for this magazine that I did not renew and I do not want it. If, in not doing so, this turns up on my credit report, you will have to explain to me why.

I want this taken care of. I want assurances that this has been resolved. If another bogus electronic check comes into my bank for this charge I will probably contact the major media. Somewhere someone needs to listen to me.

Gloria Jean &
Mildred Savage

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