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How to Choose a Niche

How to Choose a Niche

In this post I will impart to you what I have learned about how to choose a niche and pass on some of the things I have learned from some of my favorite Internet guru’s.

Through my own personal experience I strongly suggest that if you intend to build an extensive website about your niche, you should be interested in the subject or you should already know a lot about the subject. If you are deeply involved in your niche, then you probably know where people of like mind hang out.

If you are interested in the niche, then there are probably others like you who are also. Find out where they are, and what they need and find a way to give them what they want. Give them the benefit of your expertise through your website.

Then, look for ways to monetize your website with things they need, or create your own product for that niche.

I feel it is only fair to warn you that if you are not excited or interested about the niche, you will not want to spend a lot of time on in. You might get tired and give up. But if you choose one of these anyway, then focus on how you can monetize it and put up some valuable content using noncompetitive key words that get at least 1000 searches per day. Then find affiliate products you can sell from that site.

You can test a niche by going to Amazon.com and looking to see how many books are already being printed and sold about that niche. If there are a lot of books, and they have reviews then this is a good niche. If there is an “idiots guide to you niche” or a “dummies guide.” that is another good sign that there are a lot of people interested in that subject. But that is more about testing your niche than choosing one.

Number one rule: Pick something you know about, are an expert in, or are very interested in. This will help you to hang in there.




I want to remind you with force… do something you love doing. Don’t waste a minute of your time working on something you don’t enjoy thinking that one day when you get rich you will finally do what you really want to do.

Do what you really want to do now. Time is a precious commodity. How you spend your time is the most important decision you make on a daily basis.

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