How to make a view finder for your LCD screen

I got this great deal on a Kodak camera from HSN but when I got it, I realized it did not have a view finder and the only thing to look at when framing a picture was the LCD Screen. Rats! I was so used to looking through a viewfinder. Now I can’t see anything outside in the bright sun except my own reflection. I would like to have a talk with the person who designed this, I hate it. So on the fly, I created my own viewfinder using a tea box and a toilet paper roll. I taped up a box that would fit over the LCD screen and cut an oval hole in one side of it and stuck the empty toilet paper roll through it. I lined the box and the roll with some black foam craft paper. Then I taped it all up with black electrical tape. The box was made to fit over the LCD screen and it was held on to the camera with some pony tail rubber bands which looped over the camera lense, top and under.  I covered the end of the toilet paper roll except for a small hole. When you looked into that hole you could see the whole screen as long as it was not pushed in too close to the actual screen. The only problem was I had to wear my reading glasses while looking through the hole because I am far-sighted and the picture was too close and was blurred.  Wearing reading glasses solved that problem.  Pictured is completed project.
viewfinder2    on-camera

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