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Doomsday Plane E-6B Circles Denver Airport Nov 16th

Doomsday Plane E-6B Circles Denver Airport Nov 16th

dooms day plane


A Possible horrific false flag may have just been averted as some very strange and classified goings-on happened  on Nov. 16th when a strange plane identified as E-6B (“Iron99″) and nicknamed the “Doomsday plane” was identified circling the Denver Airport for an hour. E-6B crews are responsible for coordinating the launches of nuclear missiles from ground bases and nuclear submarines. Now Sorcha Faal just came out with some added tid bits about US Navy Admiral Mike Rogers, who heads the National Security Agency (NSA) who may have single handedly aborted this unauthorized flight and fled to New York for an emergency meeting with President Elect Donald Trump. This plane took off from from California’s Travis Air Force Base. The flights of these types of “doomsday” aircraft, are strictly “governed/observed” under the procedures, protocols and guidelines of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. This “IRON99” doomsday plane flight was in “strict/blatant” violation of this treaty due to the US failing to notify the MoD of its exact mission status.

The US Navy has confirmed that a mysterious plane spotted circling over Denver for at least an hour on Wednesday was one of its fleet – but says details of its mission are classified.

Here are links to two articles about this:

Mysterious Doomsday Plane Circles Over Denver For an Hour


Sorcha Faal:




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