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Evil Plan to Stop Donald Trump by “Friends of the Earth.”

Evil Plan to Stop Donald Trump by “Friends of the Earth.”

A non profit democratic organization called “Friends of the earth” is building a movement to “Stop Donald Trump” They are sending out emails asking for donations. They actually believe the democrats care about the environment and them. This has proven to be false. They, along with their buddies the Bushes, are destroying the earth. They revealed their evil plan:

1. We’ll start by defeating and damaging Trump’s appointees. Donald Trump will bring in Big Oil and Big Ag lobbyists to run his government. So we’ll shine a light on their shady corporate pasts and push Congress to reject them. And if they make it through Congress, we will expose and watchdog their every move.

–> (Hey, how about shining the light on their own shady past? RE: Pizzagate. )

2. Once Trump’s in office, we’ll take him to Court. Trump wants to undo President Obama’s climate legacy. But he still has to follow the law. So we’ll use the courts to tie up his attempts to undo our progress.

–> (Your fake President Obama and Hillary will be going to court, so save your energy for that.)

3. Meanwhile, we’ll block bad legislation. Republicans have control of both the House and Senate. But Democrats still have the power of the filibuster. So we’ll push them to use it to stop dangerous bills from reaching Trump’s desk. We’ll be knocking on their doors to ensure that they stand up for what’s right.

–>(Filibuster is all you have left… but after the swamp is drained you may not have anyone left with the energy or desire to do it. )

They don’t realize that The republicans they seem to hate so much are buddy buddy with their own Hillary and Obama and are part of the Bush/Clinton/Obama Satanic worshiping  society.

This corrupt system has to be cleaned up on both sides soon or it will go down in flames and take the entire world with it.

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