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Will Anti-Trump Protesters be Given Guns?

Will Anti-Trump Protesters be Given Guns?

The George Soros’s master plan to take down a nation begins with the establishment of what are called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to act as a “shadow government” ready to take power once the established order is thrown into chaos by massive protests.

The anti-Trump protests going on in America today are all very well funded and were planned and organized well in advance of the election results because the landslide victory by Trump was known about in advance due to the advanced Russian A.I. computer program called the T-platform supercomputer that predicted it. Since 2004, it has correctly picked 3 US presidential elections, as well as predicting that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would win their respective political party nominations.

Internet research surrounding some information released by Sorcha Faal about the Clinton Foundation purchasing over $137 million dollars of illegal arms and ammunition, whose destination is to be the United States, with delivery being marked as “mid-November 2016 was considered. (This story was claimed to be false by snoops, but they have been compromised in my opinion.)

Viktor Bout

According to sources, earlier this year main “factions” of Viktor Bout, and his international arms smuggling crime organization began arriving in the Republic of Albania. Viktor Bout, is a (Russian) international arms smuggler and CIA asset who became known in the West as the “Lord of War” due to a movie made about him starring Nicolas Cage. Media reports had him supplying arms to everyone from Colonel Gaddafi to al-Qaeda. Little mention, however, was made of the services he provided to America in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan

He was known for his workings with the CIA to smuggle illegal weapons throughout the world to further the interests of the United States until 2011 when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had him jailed because his activities were becoming an embarrassment.

This past May (2016) US Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin said he should have had a reduced sentence and that led, to Bout being transferred out of maximum security on or around October 26, 2016 to the general ward of the US Federal Prison that he has been confined to.

This is about the same time the story of the 137.7 million being transferred to the Socialist Party of Albania controlled by Prime Minister Edi Rama, began circling the Internet, released by Sorcha Faal.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Edi Rama

Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania,  is not only the head of Xhakja Clan, but was also put into power by the Obama-Clinton administration over the protests of the Albanian people who did not want a mafia government controlling them. His statements about Donald Trump caused a diplomatic incident with the United States: He said, “I pray to God so that the American people would not elect him as president. Because if this were to happen, it would cause a great harm to the United States and it would be a serious threat to the US-Albanian relations.”

Putting this information all together, I would not find it unreasonable to think that our intelligence community on the Trump side should be very alert, for a shipment of arms to arrive to the United States from Albania in the middle of November to add to the chaos being orchestrated in these current anti-Trump protests.



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