Trump’s “faint praise” to and About his Opponents.

Merkel and TrumpWhen Trump says he “likes and respects” a person, people should take note and pay attention. He said it about Hillary, and he said it about Angela Merkel. The Gardian calls it “faint praise.” Do you hear the silent “but…” that comes after that praise? Then Donald Trump said ‘Merkel’s open-doors policy on Syrian refugees was a ‘catastrophic mistake.”

Trump has bared his fangs to Merkel and Merkel said, after hearing Trump’s inaugural speech, “It was a declaration of war.” And indeed it was. It is a war on globalism. The Guardian says Trump will do untold damage to Europe and that Trump praises Brexit, cosies up to Putin and promises to take an axe to Nato and established trading systems. (Once the euro goes, the Federal Reserve Note will go. We will need a national gold backed currency).

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