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Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill to “Stop Arming Terrorists.”

Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill to “Stop Arming Terrorists.”

January 13: DEMOCRAT Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is an Iraq war veteran and an Army Captain who has finally had ENOUGH of Obama and just EXPOSED him on life TV CONGRESSWOMAN GABBARD CONFIRMED THAT OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN FUNNELING MONEY TO ISIS THROUGH THE CIA AND SAUDI ARABIA!

Here is Tucker’s exchange with Congresswoman Gabbard: (Video Below)
Tucker: The average American, you, me, are not allowed to send weapons to terror groups.
Rep. Gabbard: We would be thrown in jail
Tucker: But the U.S. government, as a matter of policy, arms and aides these groups?
Rep. Gabbard: This is the problem tucker, is that… there’s a double standard here… For years now, our government, working with countries like Saudi Arabia, turkey and Quatar, have been through the CIA, quietly arming and supporting these groups that are directly working with groups like Al quada and ISIS. All in this effort to overthrow the Syrian government.
Rep. Gabbard: They have ben funneling support through countries like Saudi Arabia, and others, who are also directly supporting these groups.
Rep. Gabbard: This is MADNESS that this has been allowed to occur for so long. and MADNESS that we have allowed the devastating consequences to occur as a result, without checking it.
Gabbard went on to describe her new bill that will stop Obama’s SICK policies. It is called the “Stop Arming Terrorists” act and she is urging Americans to tell their Reps about it!


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