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Lilly Lee’s tarot forcast, Feb 11, 2018

Lilly Lee’s tarot forcast, Feb 11, 2018

Lilly Lee did a tarot forecast in reference to our political and world concerns and I liked the advice. It was a five card spread. The first card down in the center represents “person or situation.” The card was the nine of swords. This card clearly represents the obvious induced internal chaos and mental anguish people in general are currently experiencing on both sides of the political spectrum. This anguish stems from the individuals resistance to what is happening and their imagined fears of what might be.

The advice coming from this card is to “let it go” and realize that you can’t control everything. Your mental anguish and resistance will do very little to change the world. This card by itself tells the story and could have been a sufficient reading by itself, but I had asked Lilly for five cards, so there is more.

To the left is the position that asks for “cause.” It was the Sun. Immediately Donald Trump came to mind, at least that is what Lilly said. Nothing that is happening right now would be happening if it were not for Donald Trump. To the right is outcome or “what happens next.” and the card is the eight of wands. My key word meaning for that card is “Some sh*t is about to go down.” That card pictures warriors who are about to lodge an assault on the castle sitting on the hill.

The problem with this reading so far is who are the warriors and what does the castle on the hill represent? It could be interpreted either way. Trump is launching an attack on the corrupt system in D.C. or the deep state opposition is about to launch an attack on the white house. Either or both are in the works.

The card under the nine of swords is the position called “Advice.” Infinite Visions little white book says ” Let go of your attempt to control the situation, relax and have faith, accept what is and enlightenment will be yours. This perfectly relates to the nine of swords and gives you a remedy for your mental anguish. Let go, have faith.

The last card is the position that just gives you “more information. The card is The World. That is what we are all concerned about, after all. The LWB says: “Now is the time to see the completion of the phase so you can move on to the next. Just say, “The End.” You celebrate the end of one story in order to mark the beginning of another. It is time to accept the end of this situation (what ever that entails) and move on to the next adventure.

I asked Lilly, what happens next then? She smiled and said, “other than the poop hitting the fan, I don’t know, I’ll have to do another reading. “

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