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Hillary and Huma’s Snuff Film, Real or Fake?

Hillary and Huma’s Snuff Film, Real or Fake?

Peter John Dalglish

By Lilly Lee Looney

First, I apologize for the title, but I felt I needed to let you know, right away, what this article is ultimately about.

CLOAK AND DAGGER:  If you are following the cloak and dagger stuff going on you may have heard about a man named Peter John Dalglilsh, who is a former United Nations top adviser and founder of the Canadian Street Kids International charity organization, who was arrested in connection with a child sex investigation in Nepal on April 7th, 2018.

No? Okay so maybe you heard about Hillary’s snuff video on the dark web. I thought so. This is the way I would write the story from all the information I gathered.

Within a few weeks of President Trump’s stunning election victory over Hillary Clinton, Peter John Dalglish, a Canadian, suddenly revoked the registration of his charity organization “Street Kids International” on December 15th 2016, and fled to Nepal like a scared rabbit.

In Nepal, he was being continuously watched and monitored by intelligence agencies, Russians, the CIA etc. He was under suspicion of child sexual exploitation abuse, and pedophilia, and who knows what else. Yet nothing happened to him until late March 2018, when a mysterious CIA advance team arrived in Nepal.

I’m thinking that Peter John Dalglish, knowing he was a wanted fugitive, may have been threatening to release evidence or was blackmailing someone or officials with videos he had in his possession. One in particular is said to show Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin killing and torturing a female child in a satanic ritual. Apparently, when he realized his arrest was immanent, he went ahead and put the video(s) onto the dark web for the world to find. [allegedly]

It was in mid march and President Trump announced via twitter, that the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo would become the new Secretary of State. He thanked Rex Tillerson for his service in that tweet. That was how Rex Tillerson learned he had been fired.

In the very same tweet, President Trump announced that Gina Haspel would become the new director of the CIA. You remember Gina, a long time CIA operative. (She has ways of making people talk if you get what I mean.)

The undersecretary of State, Steve Goldstein, was also fired on that same day. The State department was taken a bit off guard by these actions.

Pompeo and Kim Jung-unMeanwhile, there was a plan in the works and it was in the process of being implemented. Mike Pompeo was to travel to Nepal as a trial run in preparation for the upcoming summit between President Trump and Kim Jung-un. Nepal has longstanding good relations with both the United States North Korea and it seemed to be the ideal place for their meeting.

At least that would be the primary cover story. The likely story was that Pompeo, who was still the head of the CIA, was sent to Nepal to oversee a very secretive and sensitive operation involving Peter John Dalglish.

Intelligence reports confirmed that both CIA Director Pompeo and North Korean leader Kim Jung-un did travel to Nepal in late March and they met on that Easter weekend. The Washington Post stated that two people confirmed that their was a meeting between the two but official reports said that the meeting had taken place in North Korea.

In Nepal, during the first week of April, Peter John Dalglish apparently discovered he was under imminent threat of arrest, and he [allegedly] released a horrific video onto the dark web of Hillary and Huma Abedin raping, torturing and killing a very young girl.

Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police confirmed to Global News that Dalglish was arrested on April 7th on suspicion of pedophilia and explained that the case against him is before the court and that he “is being investigated for child sexual exploitation and abuse.” Police also stated that two girls, 12 and 14 years old, were rescued from his home.

Update: I later found out that the two children rescued from his home were boys, not girls.   They were local boys. Take a look at the lower left picture. That guy looks totally evil. That could be one of those boys but I don’t know that for sure. He does not look very happy.

Peter Dalglish, Justin Trudeau




There is more.

Satanic Pedophile Trudeau, Sealed Indictment, Elites Go Silent.

According to Foreign Intelligence Service, When their officials questioned the CIA as to why Director Pompeo was overseeing an operation being conducted by the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police concerning Peter John Dalglish, the conversation abruptly ended.

However, within 3 hours, SVR Director Sergey Naryshkin received a personal call from Director Pompeo who told Naryshkin that President Trump had ordered an immediate halt to any further sanctions of Russia in exchange for allowing the Americans to handle this “extremely delicate issue” on their own. Moscow agreed.

As to what the “extreme delicate issue” was that was being dealt with by President Trump and Director Pompeo,  whatdoesitmean dot com (Sorcha Faal) suggested that it was the “capture of one of the most secretive wanted fugitives in the world.”

I say no, —that’s not it.

The “extreme delicate issue” is obviously the horrific snuff film with Hillary and Huma and how that might impact people too horribly at this stage of the game. This is just my opinion, but I think it was that video they were after.  I imagine that they were also tired of being threatened and/or blackmailed, but that’s just my opinion.

There is the rumor going around that there is another video out there that is an obvious fake, created purposely as a debunking tool for the real video. Another thing that got my attention is when someone asked “Q”  if the Hillary snuff video was real news or fake. “Q” said “fake.” (If you don’t know about Q, you probably shouldn’t be reading this article.)

Almost everyone who is anyone in alternative media will believe Q, so with a fake debunking video and Q saying “fake,” then squashing the matter is well in hand, although there may be a few youtube videos that will need to be deleted that could conceivably show a person how to access the real deal, which I suggest you don’t even think about.

Now I have a few questions of my own about all this information. How did Peter John Dalglish go from being described as a “Canadian humanitarian, former top United Nations advisor, and founder of the Street Kids International charity organization,” to suddenly being an international fugitive, suspected pedophile and wanted for child sexual exploitation abuse? At what point did all that change? Did it have anything to do with Hillary losing the election? If so, why? Why did he flee to Nepal after Donald Trump became President? How did he come into possession of the horrific videos he [allegedly] released to the dark web? Was he warned in advance of his arrest, giving him time to release them? Is the video real or fake?

There are so many questions and so many bad news articles and fewer really good journalists. I’m not a journalist. I just evaluate information and try to make some sense of it.

This is how I wrote the story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

Peter John Dalglis
Peter J. Dalglish & Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


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