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Senator Jon Tester’s NXIVM Vampire Honeytrap

Senator Jon Tester’s NXIVM Vampire Honeytrap

Jennifer Penia
So what’s going on with Admiral Ronny Jackson, the Physician to the President?

Within 48 hours of President Trump’s announcement of his plan to replace David Shulkin with Admiral Ronny Jackson as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the Democratic Party US Senator Jon Tester received a visit from Clare and Sara Bronfman, who are members of former President Bill Clinton’s supposed charitable organization, the Clinton Global Initiative.

They were accompanied by Dr. Jennifer Peña, who was then the personal physician to Vice President Mike Pence. (Astonishingly, just two weeks before Trump took office, the Obama regime had appointed her to the White House Military Office, who then assigned her to be the physician to Vice President Mike Pence!)

Democratic Senator Jon Tester would be co-leading the committee hearing the testimony of Admiral Jackson, therefore he would be in the ideal position to prevent that from happening.

Apparently, the deep state saw an opportunity to hatch their evil plan to get rid of Ronny Jackson and they did not want him to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Its time to send in the vampires.

All of these women are members of what is called the NXIVM group, which has been in the news recently as being a cult or sex trafficking group headed by Keith Raniere and his number one sex slave Hollywood actress Allison Mack who was just arrested for her sex trafficking crimes.

Can you picture Senator Jon Tester suddenly surrounded by these three women, all members of the NXIVM cult sex group?

Here is how I picture that scene, reminiscent of the three vampires going after Jonathan Harker in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

NXIVM sex cult

So the plan began with Jennifer Peña telling repeated scurrilous lies about Admiral Jackson to Jon Tester in secret, and Tester then would leak them to the media, claiming that these allegations were from reliable “unnamed sources.”  Of course they all were made up lies.

This was a typical “Honey Trap” operation whose suspected purpose was to ultimately oust Admiral Jackson from the White House where he would then be replaced by NXIVM sex cult member Dr. Jennifer Peña who was next in line for the job of Physician to the President!

NXIVM Speculation by Sorcha Faal was that she might set up Trump with false rape charges against him and create yet another sex scandal so Trump could be impeached.  Peña has a past reputation of doing  this type of thing.

But do you think people will fall for another sex scandal? Do you seriously think the deep state plotters are that stupid? Do they think the people are that stupid?  They could be. Maybe they are. But would a trick like that work?  I’m not so sure.

Therefore, I speculate that as the physician to the President, the plan may have been a bit more serious,  like an assassination plot.

The NXIVM sex cult is also directly tied to Hillary Clinton, so I would not put anything past them.

Side note:  I have to wonder about Mike Pence and how much contact he had with his NXIVM sex cultist “physician.”  Why was she allowed to stay in that position in the white house with her history?

Thanks to Sorcha Faal who summed it up:

“Trumpian forces were able to quickly smash these plotters as soon as they began their crimes by arresting NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere, his second in command Hollywood actress Allison Mack and, no doubt, many more to follow in the days and weeks to come—with it, also, being obvious that Trump never had any intention of Admiral Jackson being the Secretary of Veterans Affairs—choosing, instead, to use him a “bait” in this intelligence operation to destroy this plot—with Admiral Jackson, of course, being rewarded for his heroic actions by his just being named Deputy Assistant to President Trump.”




Vice President’s Physician Who Targeted Admiral Ronny Jackson Resigns.


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