Why do Globalists Hate President Trump?

President Trump Meets with the National Space Council

Donald Trump just announced that he wants to create a new department of the Military called “Space Force” (and of course it would be under the Commander and Chief, rather than the globalist cabal). I am thinking he is going after NASA now. (NASA lies about everything.)

Space force announced

Why do the globalist hate Trump?

With the Iran deal being canceled, he has gone after The EU and their greedy deals with Iran.  There was a lot of shady handed things going on with that money laundering operation.

He is going after The State-sponsored propaganda media, Pedos in Hollywood, The IRS, ISIS (terrorists), the Deep State, (SES) Child trafficking, Pedophilia networks, The corrupt CIA, and the corrupt FBI officials, corruption in Congress, corruption of the EPA and The Housing Authority, … and I think his supporters and army control the Stock Markets too.

Did I forget anything? Oh yeh OBAMA, Hillary, and those other traitors, who orchestrated and infiltrated our government with the Muslim Brotherhood and are behind the invasion of migrants all over the world. Next on the list: The Fed.

Listen to this video and you will learn a lot about Trump.

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