Dennis Nathan Cain, Uranium One Whistleblower Raided by FBI

WHISTLEBLOWER RAID BY FBI: Dennis Nathan Cain, Uranium One Whistleblower who was working for the NSA had his home raided and searched by the FBI. Some think he may be Mark Meadows whistleblower on December 5th hearings. He cooperated (why not?) and they boxed up everything in his house including all of his computers etc. When Nathan turned over all of the Clinton Uranium One documents, Robert Mueller was in charge of that office and nothing was said or done to Hillary¬†then, so where did Mueller put those documents? Nathan Cain has been accused of being in possession of stolen government documents, (not fake evidence) but stolen records, purportedly evidence of crimes and coverups by Mueller on behalf of the Clintons instead of on our behalf for truth and justice. People are asking why was a whistleblower’s house raided? George Webb is looking into it further on his channel. He tried to call Cain but there was no answer.

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    • rob
    • December 5, 2018

    the Clinton foundation and all of their fbi and cia protectors are all in on the biggest rico money making scandal in us history

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