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JAN 20 “Super Blood Wolf Moon. ~JOURNAL

JAN 20 “Super Blood Wolf Moon. ~JOURNAL

Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks recieved from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.

NATIONAL POPCORN DAY: Get some popcorn ready to watch the show. Tonight at Midnight, (Sunday) January 20th, is the day the restoration of the Republic of the united States of America begins! January 21st (Monday) is the last ‘blood moon’ eclipse of the decade, this called the “Super Blood Wolf Moon.” which is a term for a type of total lunar eclipse. Final preparations are being made at this time and throughout the weekend. President Trump’s emergency text alert system is on standby, so keep your cell phones on.

The U.S. Military has been put on notice in the event of Cabal retaliatory attacks or public chaos. Once the transition begins, the Earth Alliance will no longer need to use the RV (revaluation) as leverage for negotiations, therefore the RV will be released

TRUMP’S ANNOUNCEMENT FOR NEW DEAL: it was a great deal. Yet Pelosi and Chuck won’t budge. Trump is very aware that they are not going to negotiate or accept his deal. He is playing to the general public, not to them. He is playing to the other not so crazy Democrats and RINOs. Here is what I think will happen next:

The government will STAY SHUT DOWN while it is reorganized and people (SES) will be laid off FOR GOOD. Trump’s speech was extremely logical. Enough to convince any normal person. When Nancy and Chuck refuse to take him up on it, he moves forward with the plan. The REPUBLIC WILL BE RESTORED. The FED will be audited, the IRS will be shut down, the bloated government workers will be laid off because that is what happens after 30 days of the shutdown. A plan for reorganizing the government is in order AND IN THE WORKS. The wall is being built. The IRS will be shut down, the FED audited. Traitors will be arrested. It is all going as planned, bit by bit. Today the Mainstream media has taken a HUGE HIT and lost all credibility. Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi was shut down and her trip to appease NATO canceled. An attempt to bomb the White House has been averted. THE REPUBLIC WILL BE RESTORED. Then onward to China and the EU for some of the same. The world bank President has resigned, a new one will be installed.

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