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Jan 18th Latest real news: (1.) Buzzfeed story going around is fake news, and most people keeping up with real news knows that.. Mueller confirms this.(Its a non-story) (2.) President Trump announced today that he will make an important statement about the humanitarian border crisis and the government shut down Saturday at 3:30. ( 3.) No congressional travel funding will be allowed without permission from the WH during the government shutdown. (4) Draining the swamp will involve reorganization of the entire government and agencies. Plans are already drawn up.(5) After 30 days of shutdown people can be laid off.


Jan 18th Nancy Pelosi and 7 angry democrats plus their extended family members (93 people) were going to use military planes and taxpayer funds to travel to locations in order conspire how they were going to support angry NATO members about their plot against the President who wants to defund and put an end to NATO. I think it is very strange that Nancy was bringing all her children and grandchildren with her. (Some say she had heard the rumors that some nut was planning to set off bombs at the WH in Washington.) Perhaps she was hoping Pense and Trump would be killed, making her the President. Why would she take her entire family with her on an official government trip? Very suspicious if you ask me. .


Jan 19th: The mainstream media is crying liberal tears today after their personal knight in shining armor Robert Meuller announced that the Buzzfeed story about having proof that Trump instructed his lawyer to lie under oath – was not accurate. All networks of the corporate media reported that they finally had an “impeachable” offense!! They were so happy. They clearly ignore the real true alternative news sources on the Internet and yet they jumped all over Buzzfeed who is the alternative news source that published the fake Russian pee pee documents. Real truth seekers don’t read Buzzfeed anymore. Yet the liberal CIA Democrat media jumped all over this story, proving for certain that they only publish anti-Trump fake news and are not interested in the truth. This has them crying their eyes out, knowing how bad it makes them look. Could this be the turning point in the destruction of the corporate propaganda news networks? I hope so.


Jan 19th UPDATE ON THE WORLD BANK: The President of the world bank Jim Yong Kim abruptly resigned, to be effective Feb. 1, The word was out that Ivanka Trump would be the new president of the world bank but as it turns out, she is just helping to find someone to fill that position. (I don’t know why she would want that job anyway.) They are considering Former PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi for the position of World Bank president, according to a news report. The Times story said that it was unclear whether Nooyi would accept the nomination if chosen by the administration but Ivanka Trump, who has tweeted that she views Nooyi as a “mentor + inspiration,” has floated her name as a potential successor. I hear she was a Hillary supporter and anti-Trump so I wonder why she would be considered.


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