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Super Blood Wolf Moon Assassination Coup attempt Foiled

Super Blood Wolf Moon Assassination Coup attempt Foiled


Disclaimer: With sources being all over the place I do my best to present my impression of the news and what might be going on in the world.  Be your own judge, do your own research if you have time.

Many alternate sources are reporting that the desperate and diabolical globalists had a plan for a coup which was a double assassination plot to be carried out during the weekend of the super blood wolf moon against President Trump and VP Pence via an attack on the White House.

Allegedly, the plot was orchestrated by former CIA director John Brennan along with a vice admiral of the British Royal Navy who loaned Brennan the use of a submarine and crew armed with a stolen Russian missile, which one can imagine, was done in order to place the blame on Russia and start the war they so desperately need.

The plan was to target the White House with the missile, kill President Trump and VP Pence, and anyone else who happens to be in the way, then install Nancy Pelosi as President on Monday, January 21.

Donna Brazil tweeted about the plans to install Nancy to the Presidency in the following tweet.  She is not very good with coded messages. You would think the Corporate Media would be all over this tweet, but not a peep. Do you think they are in on the coup?  I certainly don’t rule out that possibility.

traitor Donna Brazil

A youtube journalist April LaJune, reported how she had seen the original tweet by Donna Brazil, and that the tweet had originally said “On Monday” instead of “Shortly thereafter.” as it is pictured here. She injects her thoughts on how it might have gotten changed in her video  which you can watch here:


The plan for Pelosi’s trip to Egypt, Brussels, and Afghanistan was initiated about two weeks prior, after Christmas. Government staffers were not thrilled about the pending trip as they were working without pay because of the government shutdown.  Pelosi wanted to personally select the crew for the C 40 which is a modified 747 military plane. One does wonder why she would want to select the crew.

On January 17th,  President Trump prevented Nancy Pelosi from flying to Brussels on the military transport plane by sending her a letter one hour before the flight was scheduled to leave. She and her family and other Democratic representatives and their families were caught in the transport bus going in circles around the buildings

They may have been circling the block because they were hiding from reporters, or they may have been worried about what was going wrong with the coup attack on the White House, or they may have been getting a bit nervous. When Pelosi was finally interviewed by reporters later she was mumbling,  her responses and appeared to be very preoccupied.

The next day Nancy Pelosi was spotted at the Reagon airport, perhaps still thinking about getting out of the country, but she may have decided the commercial flight would be too dangerous. She accused the President of leaking her commercial flying plans and of putting her in danger, but perhaps she was just feeling nervous or paranoid.

Hours after the President grounded Pelosi’s flight, the first lady Melania and Baron Trump made a quiet and unannounced departure for Florida. This was observed by civilians who watched flight manifests and logs. They flew on the very same plane that had been prepared for the Pelosi crew, so it was all prepped and ready to go. (No doubt stocked with a lot of alcohol) Sending Meliana and Baron out of D.C. was not pre-planned, otherwise, there would have been two planes prepped and ready.  It was probably a safety precaution considering what was going on in the swamp.

So, did Nancy Pelosi actually make the trip on her own? I don’t know. Information on that is sketchy.  I just don’t know at this point. She would have had to pay a lot of money out of her own pocket.

Here is an interesting fact, six of John F. Kennedy’s cabinet members plus his press secretary were out of the country when he was assassinated. They had been flown to Tokyo Japan, NOVEMBER of 1963.  How convenient.

It would be interesting to find out exactly how many of Pelosi’s favorite Democrats were bugging out of D.C. that weekend.

Adam Schiff was a member of that congressional delegation along with representative Eliot Engel, and Mark Takano. He was seen leaving the bus by reporters.


Nancy Pelosi had planned to be in Brussels during the MLK holiday event (and coup) and she had made a public announcement through spokesman Drew Hammel that she was going there to meet with top NATO commanders with the intention of affirming to them that the United States commitment to the NATO alliance was “ironclad.”

Why would Nancy Pelosi be meeting with NATO commanders after Mike Pompeo had just been there?

Interestingly enough, Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, had traveled to Brussels on December 3rd through the 5th to meet with these same NATO officials. Pompeo announced Tuesday that Russia has 60 days to become compliant with a key international agreement governing the development of nuclear weapons or the U.S. would also cease obeying that treaty. (Which I suspect was the plan anyway because of Trump’s speech about the border and security of the nation, and his announcement about improving America’s missile defenses.)

“NATO foreign ministers had released a statement confirming Russia’s violations of the Cold War-era Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, specifically its development of a ground-launched cruise missile Moscow calls the 9M729.

“Russia has repeatedly rejected that it has disobeyed the terms of the treaty, first by denying the existence of such missiles and later saying its range was compliant with the agreement.

“President Donald Trump indicated in October he would withdraw from the 1987 agreement and begin rebuilding the U.S. nuclear arsenal following reports that Russia had developed new weapons in defiance of the treaty’s terms. Trump also expressed displeasure that China was not included in the agreement.”

Source https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2018-12-04/secretary-of-state-mike-pompeo-issues-nuclear-ultimatum-to-russia

The above last paragraph means this: “If China is not going be part of the missile treaty then America and Russia don’t have to either. Nah Nah Nah! ” ( Putin agrees.)

The Globalist Cabal of the “we-want-to-rule-the world” crowd is trying to disarm the entire world and all the sovereign nations so they can rule via their UN troops, forcing mass migration and committing genocide where and whenever they choose.  (That is what the UN does.)

Russia lost millions of people in world war II and I don’t think he intends to let his country “turn in their guns” any more than Trump does.  Trump is always saying that countries need to provide for their own defense or pay for defense protection.


Meanwhile German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron must have gotten the bad news of the failed wolf blood moon assassination coup attempt, and they were quick to sign a treaty known as Treaty of Aachen on Jan 22nd to begin the creation of a European Union Army to protect their leftist-socialist regimes (asses) which are now threatened by their own people wearing yellow vests who are fed up with their betrayal and their corrupt leadership.  They just realized that in order to have a police state, you need to have an army or at least some armed police who are willing to shoot people.

Macron addressed this trend specifically at the signing ceremony with the words, “At a time when Europe is threatened by nationalism, which is growing from within… Germany and France (governments) must assume their responsibility and show the way forward.”

This, as massive ‘Yellow Vests’ protests, rage across France for the tenth week with people shouting  things like: “We want Trump!”


Perhaps this guy just didn’t measure up because he was arrested before the Super Blood Wolf Moon on the 16th of January when he met with an undercover FBI agent to supposedly obtain weapons and explosives. He was only 21 years old. All of this information was taken from numerous articles on the Internet.

Hasher Jallal Taheb was taken in after a year-long FBI sting operation that grew out of local authorities’ fears that the 21-year-old Muslim living in Cumming had “become radicalized.”

He described his plan to use an AT-4 (provided by an FBI undercover agent) to blow a hole in the White House so that the “group” could enter,” FBI Special Agent Tyler Krueger said in an affidavit.

(Group?  What group”  Who do you suppose was his “group?”  It was other FBI informants prepping him for his arrest or for his role as the “martyr” or as they would call it “patsy”)

Authorities said Taheb was “acting alone” and they made no accusation that he had ties to any “terrorist group”. He was arrested after a “tip from a resident” who said the young man had been radicalized.  (Why do I doubt all of these statements to the press?)

Taheb’s alleged attack on the White House was supposed to take place “around” Thursday, January 17th and involve various explosives and firearms, though even days before, he had claimed (to FBI undercover informants) that he had never fired a gun in his life, according to the criminal complaint. But he said he could “learn fast,” the document said.  (It sounds like he was applying for the job. )

Authorities also said he planned to travel to the Islamic State territory but acknowledged he didn’t have a passport. (He doesn’t seem to be very organized or focused)

(It’s no wonder the CIA and a British submarine was the actual plan to assassinate the targets. This guy could only serve as the patsy if they decided to use him, and even in that role, he doesn’t seem qualified.)

“Taheb explained that jihad was an obligation, that he wanted to do as much damage as possible, and that he expected to be a ‘martyr,’” the complaint said.

By mid-December, Taheb had allegedly broadened the scope of places he wanted to attack to include the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and a synagogue. He said he wanted to use handguns, IEDs, an AT-4 anti-armor weapon and hand grenades.

Taheb allegedly showed the FBI worker a composition notebook with a hand-drawn map of the ground floor of the West Wing in the White House. Taheb seemed to believe the informant and FBI worker would join his plot if they could find weapons, according to the document. (Oh I wonder how he got that impression)

The attack on the White House was supposed to involve driving on a road behind the building, creating a diversion and shooting a hole through the building to gain entry and kill people, the complaint said.

Taheb told the undercover agent he had never shot a gun but could learn easily and also said he had watched some videos of how grenades explode, authorities said.

Taheb met with the FBI source and undercover agent on Wednesday in a parking lot in Buford to exchange their cars for semi-automatic assault rifles, three explosive devices with remote detonators and an anti-tank rocket, the affidavit says.

A second FBI source met them and inspected the vehicles, and a another FBI undercover agent arrived in a tractor-trailer with weapons and explosives that had been rendered inert by the FBI. The undercover agent and Taheb talked about the guns, how to arm and detonate the explosives and how to use the anti-tank rocket, the affidavit says.

Taheb and the undercover agent and FBI source whom he believed to be part of his group turned over their car keys to the confidential source and then loaded the inert explosives and guns into a rental vehicle, the affidavit says. Then, after they got into the car and closed the doors, agents arrested Taheb.

Note:  After reading about this guy, he clearly does not measure up to an assassin or even a reliable asset for terrorists and I have no idea why the FBI would have wasted so much time (a year) on him unless they were planning to use him as a patsy, after the explosion at the White House using a missile,  however, I have no evidence if they were planning to do that, but the timing on January 17th was too much of a coincidence to shrug him off and the FBI does not have a lot of credibility with me any more. 



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