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There is a New Wicked Witch in Town as Kamala Harris Taps DNC for 2020 Run

There is a New Wicked Witch in Town as Kamala Harris Taps DNC for 2020 Run

Humor and Commentary by Lilly Lee and the Trump Train

Kamala Harris will be replacing Hillary Clinton as the new wicked witch of the west in her 2020 bid for president but she will have to beef up her witchy game if she wants to steal the CNN spotlight from Nancy Pelosi who failed to secure the Presidency after the last  assassination coup on President Trump and VP Pence was foiled. At least that is the “word on the street”.  That is where we get the “word” these days…” on the street.” ( Which means cyberspace.) because of the dismal failure of the John Brennan corporate CIA fake news media.

It is expected that the left wing socialists Democrats plan to choose a woman to run for President in 2020 because selecting a white male for the position would be absolutely unthinkable sacrilege to everything they stand for. There is no doubt that a white male candidate choice for president would inflame the “progressive” leftist base to a fever pitch as you have never seen.

You can be sure they are determined to have the first woman president because you can see them salivating over the very thought of it.

California Sen. Kamala Harris announced Monday she is running for president, joining a fast-growing crowd of Democrats jumping into the 2020 race, which of course will all fail if there is not a wicked witch among them who can measure up to Kamala.

Her announcement comes as some Democrats, emboldened with their new majority in the House, have suggested impeaching the president.

When asked on ABC on Monday if she believes Trump has committed an impeachable offense, Harris wouldn’t say but said it’s important that Special Counsel Robert Mueller continue his investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in the 2016 race.

Sources reported that Kamala Harris will launch her campaign on Sunday during a rally in Oakland, California.

When Lilly Lee asked Nancy Pelosi how she felt  about the new wicked witch in town Nancy mumbled that she would “cut her head off so fast she will not even notice it bleeding, and that’s all you need to know.”
So Kamala, be warned to keep your distance from Nancy.

Nancy Pelosi

Hillary Clinton could not be reached for comment.

wicked witch of the west

Brutal Meme May Just Ruin Kamala Harris’s Bid For 2020 Run


Kamala Harris sex scandal

Lilly Lee is a sentient puppet, who is a journalist, computer geek, and Trump Train ticket collector. Lilly Lee, journalist

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