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Los Angeles Secret Military Operation or Exercise?

Los Angeles Secret Military Operation or Exercise?

A top secret elite US Special Forces began a military operation in the greater Los Angeles and Long Beach areas which began on February 4, 2019, beginning about 10:00 P.M. The operation was announced to the public as being an urban military training exercise which would last through February 9th. Printed advisories were titled, “U.S. Army conducts military training in Los Angeles area.” and were distributed to some local residents, although not everyone received one.

The Los Angeles police department had met with military officers and was informed of the details of the operation and what would take place at predetermined locations. It was carried out with the coordination of state, county and city officials as well as private property owners according to reports.

The Police Department issued a public statement about the exercise late on Feb. 4, 2019, just after or just as it had begun,  so residence did not have much of an advanced warning.

There were at least four low flying noisy MH-6 little birds, as well as two MH-60 Nightstalker Black Hawks flying low and landing on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.  Residents were informed that they might hear the sounds of aircraft and weapons “simulation.”  Some small explosions were heard.

However, on Sunday, February 3, the day before any of this started, some residents had witnessed and heard a twin-engine Cessna break apart over a residential area where 4 residents were killed while preparing to watch the super bowl in their home. The pilot of the plane was also killed.

The pilot was a man identified by the Media as Antonio Pastini. He was first reported to be a retired Chicago police officer, but that turned out to be untrue. He was not a Chicago policeman at all. and the badge and paperwork turned out to be fake.


Tony Pastini, AKA Jordan Isaacson, CIA pilot


Antonio Pastini’s true name is Jordan Isaacson, and he is rumored to be a deep cover CIA pilot.  He had taken off in his plane from nearby Fullerton Municipal Airport at 1:35 pm Sunday.  It had hit an elevation of about 7,800 feet and traveled about 10 miles when something went wrong. Ten minutes after his takeoff, the plane crashed, breaking up into quite a few pieces.  Cell phone video showed the plane breaking apart in midair and pieces reigning from the sky.

A US Navy P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft was seen circling for hours over Los Angeles after this plane had crashed. It is unknown if this surveillance aircraft was connected to the downed Cessna or just part of the military operation/training taking place.

On Monday evening during the military operation, a series of loud booms rocked downtown Los Angeles startling some people who complained via social media.  Los Angeles police said there’s no reason to be alarmed.  Residents near the training locations had been notified beforehand, however, some said they were caught off guard.

There are no confirmed details about what this operation or exercise was actually about, and not too many people on the Internet are believing the cover story of it being a military training drill.

How often do the authorities or the media tell the public the truth? Hardly ever.  Someone did get a video of the operation happening on Wilshire Street from a tall apartment building above.  It was uploaded to Twitter and seen in many places on the Internet with lots of speculation as to what was going on. I took some screenshots of the operation from the video.

Four MH-6 little birds landed on the street first and you could see people running to board them.  Then they all took off.

The picture below: This was the action after the first Blackhawk landed. The team came running out of the building and was definitely carrying some heavy duty stuff from the building.  I enhanced the picture to the best of my ability. They loaded and boarded the Blackhawk and it took off.

The picture below: This was the action when the second BlackHawk landed. More people, running and carrying more stuff and then loading it and boarding the helicopter and taking off.

This is a picture of the street where the helicopters landed on the spot marked with an X.
The property that was raided turns out to be the tan building located at 1138 Wilshire Blvd called the Guatemalan House of Culture. It is next door to 1126 Wilshire Blvd which is a building belonging to a very prominent lawyer called Thomas V Girardi who owns both properties. Below is the front and the back side of the 1138 Wilshire Blvd building.


Back of 1138 building shows garage doors large enough for trucks to enter.

Across the street intersection, that large building is a medical center. 

The buildings appear old and run down and quite creepy looking. The Guatemalan House of Culture had a “closed” sign on the front in this Google earth picture. There are plans to demolish both of the buildings owned by Thomas V. Girardi.

The building at 1138 Wilshire was leased to Eduardo G. Sanchez who is a registered agent of BogarinTrucking company and has various Hispanic connections. Another name that comes up in connection to these guys is Francisco Bagarin who is listed as an officer of these companies.

Thomas V Girardi is an interesting character, and prominent lawyer, having many possibly strange business affiliations and L.L.C. companies like Astex Pharmaceuticals, G&G Skate corp Spectrum Molecular Separation, Spectrum laboratories Inc, Girardi financial and others. He is also in trouble for borrowing 15 million dollars and never making a single payment on the loan. Below is him and his trophy wife, Erika Jayne, actress on Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Following this rabbit hole of Thomas V Girardi would probably have you going very deep and could turn out as much or more information of corruption than the Epstein, or NVIXM case discoveries.

Girardi investments have been suspected of being connected to human trafficking, MK Ultra, organ harvesting, genetic modification, cloning, etc. He also has very close ties with the Clintons and Clare Bronfman. Someone also said he was a lawyer for Allison Mack and Keith Raniere involving the sex cult allegations within the NXIVM group.

Another look at the operation and some Q posts:

More updates on operation and raids in Los Angeles.

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    • lisa
    • February 11, 2019

    hi, we were involved in this organ trade in plastic surgery clinics around LA that USC uses to harvest tissue. girardi and the dhs of the county are involved. no wonder we couldn’t get lawyers. lol i’m girltown online if you want to follow our story.

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