Ruth Bader Ginsberg Still Missing or dead?

Still Missing: NO PROOF OF LIFE:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The concert that RBG was supposed to have been seen making a public appearance never happened. Not to mention no one named, actually saw her or photographed her. The NMWA does not recognize any such concert happened on its web page or in the archives that day. Patrice Michaels (her daughter in law’s) own calendar has no concert on 4 February. Articles written to publicize the event didn’t come out until after the event allegedly occurred.

And yet somehow this missing person is still making decisions on our Supreme Court. This is an outrage. We the people demand PROOF OF LIFE.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is dead, even though they are keeping this a secret.

SHE’S DEAD.  That is my conclusion until we see proof of life.

So who is making her Supreme court decisions for her?

Martin David Ginsburg, her husband, (June 10, 1932 – June 27, 2010) was a taxation law expert and the husband of United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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