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John Podesta and New Zealand shooting.

John Podesta and New Zealand shooting.

John Podesta was in New Zealand 4 days before the deadly mass shooting where 49 people were killed. Allegedly he was there to to warn of an “imminent major cyber-attack” on New Zealand. He warned that New Zealand was a “big juicy target” for a cyber attack by Russia or China.

How nice of him to go out of his way to do that for New Zealand.  What do you supposed possessed him to do that?

New Zealand is a member of the Five Eyes spy network, which is a powerful intelligence club (a bunch of spies) made up of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. (Deep state spy network.)

John Podesta
John Podesta and false flag terrorism seem to be connected.


This spy network routinely works together to spy on citizens of each other’s country and they share the information with each other in order to get around laws in their particular country. (I guess they have laws against spying on their own citizens.)

The declassification of the FISA documents, these five countries strongly objected, (fearing that these facts will be made public and their illegal spying operations would be exposed.)  Of course the excuse they used is the same old “national security” bullshit.

However, as you would suspect, inquiring minds have asked why the Five Eyes spy network would be concerned about these American documents being declassified.  The question is, if they are classified American documents, how would they know what is in them and how do they know it would be damaging to them or their country, or will it just be damaging to their five eyes spy network?

Their whole spy network is looking more like a single and separate criminal entity owned and operated by the globalists deep state.  It has nothing to do with these supposed sovereign countries at all.

MSN describes John Podesta as a victim, and stated, “During the campaign, tens of thousands of Mr Podesta’s emails were hacked by the Russia government.”  This is not true. The Clinton and Podesta emails were leaked, not hacked.

They stated that “The hack and release on WikiLeaks was believed to be a major factor in Ms Clinton’s loss to current president Donald Trump.”  (I wonder if Hillary mentioned that in her book about “What Happened.”)

So, naturally they had to blame the “hacking” on Russia.

The media never talk about why these leaked emails were damaging to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton or what was in them. I don’t think it is even clear exactly where they came from after the discovery of the “insurance” folder on Anthony Wiener’s laptop.  I find it hard to believe that these emails came from the DNC server.

The only thing that John Podesta can cling to is the lie that Russia hacked the emails as he claims that this somehow means that Russia has some control or collusion going on with Donald Trump.

Podesta  stated: “Vladimir Putin must be sitting in the Kremlin saying this is the best return on investment I ever got – I’ve got a pliant president of the United States,”

His logic is that Russia hacked the emails and released them to Wikileaks in order to help Trump win the election and he implies that this puts Trump in the “pliable” hands of Putin. Very weak logic when you consider how damaging the emails actually were to him and Hillary. They were loaded with perverted pictures of paintings (owned by Podesta) of young children being tortured, and pedophile code words which is what started the entire Pizzagate scandal.

(They have the gall to call these sick images “art.”)

This is why they still cling to the narrative that Russia hacked the emails, even though there was no evidence and it was never proven or even officially investigated by allowing experts to examine the server that was supposedly hacked.

Now what John Podesta is worried about is Social media,  where he says: “What’s new is this weaponisation – the use of social media to spread discord, lies, dissatisfaction – that’s I think what you’ve got to look out for,” he says.

Hense begins a massive campaign by the global cabal to censor the truth, not just in America, but world wide.

What he is really worried about is the spreading of the truth about the vast Pedophile and child trafficking networks of the world that rule over us, which he and Hillary are deeply involved in.

Neither them or the media ever actually mention or explain what was in the emails.

Of course now New Zealand is pushing for new gun laws after this shooting so they can further disarm the citizens, as per their agenda. The deep state will also be continuing to work on suppressing social media platforms and suppressing free speech and people using comment sections to voice opinions. They are deleting twitter accounts, and demonetizing and shadow banning youtube videos.

Google just recently disabled a program called “dissenter” connected to gab (Gab is an alternative to twitter) that I installed in my Google Chrome browser to post comments on website pages. They want to stop that before it gets started good.  Therefore, I switched to Firefox.

Here are the questions one should ask.

Is John Podesta involved with the 5 eyes spy network?  He does not seem to be working in politics officially, so what does he do and why does MSN describe him as: .”. one of the most powerful people in US democratic politics.”

Why would John Podesta travel to New Zealand to warn them of an imminent major cyber-attack? How would John Podesta know anything about the imminent danger of a major cyber-attack anyway?  And why would it be just days before another false flag terrorist attack?

How is John Podesta associated with the Parkland shooting? Was he also in Parkland days before that shooting?   David Hogg, whose father is X- FBI, is the crisis actor who was all over the news after that shooting for the purpose of promoting gun control. Guess what? He is associated or works for John Podesta’s ‘Center for American Progress.’  He has also been awarded entrance to Harvard.


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