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Should Vaccines be Mandatory?

Should Vaccines be Mandatory?

BY Tom Goffnett
March 11 at 8:49 AM
Open letter to my fellow man:

You are okay with the State forcing you to send your children to public school (public indoctrination centers). You don’t see anything wrong with being forced to send your children to sit in a cement box for 8 hours a day, 9 months out of the year. Matter of fact, YOU LOVE THE IDEA! Matter of fact, you don’t mind being forced to have them injected with vaccines so they can all breathe and cough and sneeze polio and smallpox on one another.


YOU THINK VACCINES ARE WONDERFUL! The government indoctrination centers and their mass media, Hollywood, and your big pharmaceutical trained family doctor have you convinced that injecting aluminum and mercury into your body and your babies is infinitely better than vitamin C, A, sunshine, or anything else God provides for us.

If you don’t obey the government, if you don’t follow along, your children will be taken from you, handed over to CPS. If you resist, police will show up with their firearms and if need be, tie you up and arrest you for resisting. Yes, while you are crying, while you are kicking and screaming for your children, you will be beaten, electrocuted, tied up and hauled away. AND EVERYONE who hears about what you did will call you a pathetic fool. JUST DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD! You should have done what you were told. If you didn’t want to get shot for protecting your children, then you should have not protected your children. You deserve what you got. You asked for it. If you obey them, you won’t have any trouble.


Protest Vaccines


Cop adoration. What’s that chant they have you mumbling, How does that go? Something like this: “Not all police are bad, most of them are great men who put their lives on the line for us each and every day.”.

Out of one side of your mouth, you talk about liberty and justice. You talk about freedom and the founding fathers. Out of the other side of your mouth, you worship and adore the deep state, police, public indoctrination, flag/deep state worship. You are a warmonger, conditioned and trained to cheer for perpetual war. You love a cold beer but hate the idea of someone smoking cannabis without state permission (and even with state permission). YOU ARE BACKWARDS! You are a self-righteous delusional dimwit, a product of the State.

A hundred thousand mothers watched their children change overnight from vaccine injury and you treat them like they are drunk lunatics trying to convince the world that weather balloons are UFO’s.

Your doctor, your talking heads ensure you that all of the mothers are misinformed fools that don’t have a clue what they are talking about. You ignore hundreds of thousands of mothers. Let that sink in. Slow it down, and think on that. What could possibly make you ignore hundreds of thousands of mothers who are simply telling you that their child was seriously damaged or killed by a vaccine? How could you possibly not take them seriously? They had a healthy baby, they have the pictures and the videos of their healthy baby, they go to the pediatrician, get the vaccines, baby suffers damage, has a bad reaction, goes back to the pediatrician, they are told it’s normal, relax, baby gets worse, baby is gone. AND YOU DO NOT SEE ANY EVIDENCE? How are YOU not the idiot?

You believe your fellow delusional dimwits, who can blame you, they are your people. Your group, your buddies, they all agree with you and support you, you’re comfortable. You like where you are. You like chuckling at the stupid mothers. You like the idea of you being on the side of science. You like being intelligent. Science is on your side. You and all of your buddies are on the side of science. You are the really intelligent ones, you are special. God loves you the most.

When someone shines a light on your stupidity it hurts and you fight back. YOU WILL NOT WAKE UP until it is safe for you.  Do you ever notice that? People have to look around and make sure other people are believing the same things before they venture out of their boxes. Scared to be fooled, afraid of condemnation. TERRIFIED of being teased. Wasn’t all of this supposed to go away after seventh grade? WE WERE TRAINED TO BE TERRIFIED. We are trained, like dogs to be afraid of being teased by our fellow idiots. We are afraid to be alone. We are cowards because we are godless, faithless.

White House health care address:

white house healthcare address.
“Put these on, so you will look like doctors.”

That’s what videos are for – so you can prove that you aren’t alone, that you aren’t stupid, that you didn’t make it up.

Everything I just said above makes sense. However, because it is just me, it doesn’t mean anything. Matter of fact, it means I’m a madman, a lost soul. If I don’t have a team backing me up, I must be a reject. Think on that the next time you see someone at a podium and their backdrop (background) is people agreeing and supporting them. That’s how shallow the viewer is. I would say it’s an insult to our intelligence, but, there isn’t any intelligence to insult.

I need to attach videos to this rant, I need to find some popular intellectuals to back me up if I want to be taken seriously. And the same goes for the hundreds of thousands of mothers who are telling all of us that vaccines are beyond dangerous. No one is going to listen to them unless popular talking heads, movie stars, people in white smocks, back them up. You aren’t coming out of your box until it is safe. You don’t want to be teased for being gullible/naive.

These mothers were all pro-vaccine, obviously, it isn’t like vaccine damaged children have mothers who were against vaccines. So these mothers took their child in for a vaccine, immediate reaction, condition worsens, no answers from the doctors, child continues to get worse, child is gone. Even if the baby survives, they are gone, they are not the same, the child is gone, “you can see it in their eyes, their smile is gone, they aren’t there anymore”.

And all you can say is, “The mother doesn’t know what she is talking about”. Again, how are YOU not the idiot?

These mothers are trying to fight the pharmaceutical giant and warn the world. Nobody will listen to them. So now these mothers have to team together in large numbers and protest because they think that’s what you need to see before you will believe them. Unfortunately, that isn’t working because some of your friends (extended family members) on your television are calling these mothers misinformed. And as you full well know, everything that comes out of your television is the truth, especially if it is wearing a white smock and has a stethoscope wrapped around its neck. Set aside the fact that your favorite channel receives billions every year from big pharmaceutical.

Those flawless big bright toothed millionaires get their paychecks because of big pharmaceutical. Big Pharma owns the United States Congress, the mainstream news, and medical anything and everything, to include magazines, colleges etc. If you don’t believe that, look in the mirror, then pull the mirror open. Notice the number of pharmaceuticals? Or do you have so many that you can’t fit them in your medicine cabinet? If that’s the case, go look in that special drawer you have in the kitchen.

If someone is wearing a white smock and has a stethoscope around their neck, they speak super truths. They are deep state priest. “Scientist” and “Doctors” are the priest who cannot lie or misinform. These people graduated from the greatest schools in the universe and are amazingly special. Filled to the brim with common sense and decency. These people are not influenced by money or power, they are saints, they love you and your children and they only want what is best for mankind. Everyone goes to medical school because they like massive debt and just want to help homeless people in Uganda. They don’t care about money at all, they just want to help people. Scientist are the same way, they have no bias whatsoever, they just want the truth. They are above you. They have the gift of not being human. That’s why they don’t believe babies inside their mother’s womb are babies. That’s why they believe injecting neurotoxins (vaccines) into newborn babies is love. That’s why they believe men came from ape-like creatures and whales came from dogs. That’s why they believe this life has no purpose whatsoever and life as we know it came from an explosion in cold dead space 14.7 billion years ago. IT’S SCIENCE! There is no hope, there is no God, there is no purpose! IT’S SCIENCE! Right? We all just need to kill more babies and celebrate hopelessness with these creeps. Right?

Stop being the moron they want you to be, and think for yourself. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

Let God be True and all men liars.

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