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Spygate and How FISA Declass Will Bring Down The House.

Spygate and How FISA Declass Will Bring Down The House.


SPYGATE:  The Obama administration (John Brennan) was doing illegal spying on his political opponents, (Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and maybe more.) way before the election via the NSA’s massive data collection operation where they can unmask data on civilians  He was doing this illegally and targeting people without FISA warrants.

They were doing this in order to get some kind of “insurance policy” (Blackmail dirt) on their political opponents.  When they could not get anything on Trump, they hired people to create it.

The normal way governments spy on their own citizens is through the five eyes spy network. That consists of spy agencies from the UK, U.S., Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.  (These countries are under control of the British Crown better known as the globalist shadow government.)  No surprise there.  Since they are not allowed to spy on their own people, they spy for each other and then exchange the information.  This has been going on for quite a while, but I guess that was not good enough for Obama.

After Trump won the election, they began scrambling to get FISA warrants so they could continue their surveillance and show that any spying being done was because of the threat of this “Russian Collusion” smear campaign they made up, and so they could claim they were doing it to protect the President.  In fact, at one point, they did make that claim.

They knew that Trump had found out about the illegal spying that was going on because Admiral Rodgers, director of the NSA, made a special unauthorized trip to the White House to tell him about it.

Before Obama left office officially, John Brennan wanted him to fire Admiral Rogers, but Obama would not do that. He knew how bad that would look if any of this got out.

This is why the Trumps moved out of the Trump tower and went to Florida while their residence was debugged and secured, and why they took so long to get moved into the White House.  The place needed to be debugged and secured.


Declassification of the FISA documents will expose all of this, and it will expose the five eye spy network and that is why those countries raised a hissy fit when Trump wanted it declassified. Doing so would expose these countries and their shadow government spying operations.

The FISA declassification will initiate the resignation, recusal or removal of Rod Rosenstein. It will also initiate investigations and charges on all the signers of the documents.

The FISA declassification will destroy the last stand of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and will lead the way to indictments that will bring down the house completely.

It could reveal that the CIA and intelligence community was illegally spying on members of the press, Congress, the Senate Intel committee, and even the Supreme Court justices.


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