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The World is Run by ELITE Satanic PEDOPHILES.

The World is Run by ELITE Satanic PEDOPHILES.

John MirandaFollow
February 11, 2017

The true plague upon humanity are the elites who rule over us. We have a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate in Washington DC, we have a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate in Hollywood, we have a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate in the United Kingdom, we have a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate in Brussels, Belgium…

Other places in Western countries also have this plague and recently the President of South Korea was removed from office because of her being connected to Satanic worship, so this is not a plague only unique to the west. Those who currently control the Vatican are clearly Satanists as well.

Arrests have already started taking place in the USA, but soon those being arrested will be names familiar to the majority of Americans. Vladimir Putin has spoken of this horrific truth several times, that indeed is the chief reason western mainstream media paints him with a negative brush. President Donald John Trump is our best hope to rid us of this evil that has plagued us for centuries.

If you need to RED PILL someone about this horror, this is the video to show them.

The world is run by ELITE PEDOPHILES.

Guess what. A satanic pedophile club rose to the top of media and government and have been running the show. If that doesn’t shock and frighten you, you don’t get it yet.

#PedoGate #BringDownTheRing #DrainTheSwamp #PodestaEmails #ClintonFoundation #Wikileaks #SGTreport #BenSwann #CraigSawyer #SarahWestall #LizCrokin

Below are a number of carefully selected links with additional information. A clear understanding of this Satanic Plague upon humanity can indeed be gained from going through them. The first link though outlines the fight against this plague, this is happening, Good will triumph over Evil.

Q – The Plan To Save The World: ( Video, Joe M  June, 2018)

Q – Killing The Mockingbird:  (Video, Joe M, Aug 7, 2018 )

Q – We Are The Plan:  (Video, Joe M, Oct 17, 2018)

New SGT Report / Liz Crokin interview 12/28/17: (Video, -THIS is WHY the Deep State is Targeting Trump.)

SGT Report interview with Crokin: (Video, Q-  BOMBSHELLS HITTING TARGETS)

Dark Secrets of Satanic Rituals:  (video) The Real Dark Science of the Secret Satanic Rituals and Sacrifices.  Very educational.

Over 100,000 CHILD PORN FILES: (Article, -Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 child porn files)

Precisely why Western Mainstream Media attempt to sell us that Putin is the bad guy:(Article -Putin’s Comments About Satanism & Pedophilia Within Politics Are Turning Out To Be True.)

Pam Jones – What is a Pedovore? (Video)

Sarah Westall interview with Jake Morphonious on Bohemian Grove: (Video, -Secret Look Inside the Elite’s Secret Bohemian Grove w/ Jake Morphonios)

For anyone still on the fence about the Prime Minister of the UK. It was also May who conveniently lost all of the files connecting members of the British Parliament to Pedophilia.

These people are Pure EVIL(Article,–Sex offenders including pedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told)

UNPRECEDENTED Amount of CHILD PORN discovered at the VATICAN: (Article )

Latest from the SGT Report that covers the INFANTICIDE and the continued censorship of Independent Media. Link: (Video)

The Jesuit Ninth Circle Society & Satanic Child Sacrifice: (Video PizzaGate Episode 4: The Jesuit Ninth Circle Society & Satanic Child Sacrifice.)

Globalists at the top of the pyramid use Satanic Cults to recruit new psychopaths into their ranks: (Natural News Article)

President Trump declares January of 2019 as a month to ABOLISH HUMAN TRAFFICKING: (Article, The Epoch Times)

More Clinton connected CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING: (Article, Newspunch.com)

Latest on suspected Pedophile John Podesta: (Video) –ANDREW BREITBART: The Man Who Knew Too Much

SGT Report – Their Satanic Worldview Exposed: (Video) –Their Satanic Worldview EXPOSED — Harley Schlanger

Church Pedophiles & Child Trafficking Nests Intersect by the THOUSANDS (Article, Coreydigs.com)

Vatican policies allowed priests to rape CHILDREN: (Article NBCnews.com)

Looking at the history of Cardinal Pell: (Article SBS.com)

Babies’ Parts for Sale; What’s Behind the Agenda of Abortions Until Birth? Article: Citizen Journalists are our most truthful media now. Here is the latest article from Natalia Catalina Godoy Lecaros: (Article, RN National)


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