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Subs, Snipers and Navy Seals

Subs, Snipers and Navy Seals

I wrote this when I heard about some information that had been found on 8chan that was served to me via a Youtube video. When that was added to other information swirling around in my head, my brain started putting some pieces together. I was hooked, I had to look a little deeper.

Since it was a recent story that happened this month (in July) I decided to do a few searches on duckduckgo for open source news and information to see what I could find to verify it.

I did find more pieces to the puzzle and that kept me interested until I put together a story about what might have happened.

The story begins on the 1st of July. That was the day a fire broke out on a powerful secret nuclear Russian submarine that killed 14 sailors, most of them were high ranking officers. The submarine was then towed to the Russian North Fleet headquarters in Severomork where an investigation began.

The next day there was a breaking story in the news about Vice President Mike Pence who was suddenly called back to Washington mid-flight on his way to an event in New Hampshire. It had the appearance of an emergency, but his press agent said it was nothing to worry about. For now, it was a big mystery.

Meanwhile President Trump was due to speak at an independence day celebration in D.C. on July 4th. It was raining softly that day but there was still a very large crowd at the event.

Days earlier I had heard about someone who made a very detailed and hateful threat to assassinate President Trump on that particular day. He was claiming to be a highly trained sniper. During the event, President Trump stood behind a large wall of bullet proof glass, which was not a surprise, considering the threats, but no sniper event happened.

Next came the 8chan information which mentions the start of “De-esculation measures” on July 7th to “prevent a catastrophic nuclear exchange with Russia.” This was when President Trump ousted the US Navy’s top uniformed officer, vice-admiral William Moran from power. (I think the two events are related.)

These de-esculation measures continued when US secretary of the army Dr. Mark Esper was suddenly chosen to become US secretary of defense, and his formal nomination was sent to the US Senate without any hearings being held. The US Senate confirmed his appointment 8 days later on July 23 by an astonishing 90 – 8 approval vote.

The 8chan story indicated that this was a rapid move made for peace considering President Putin had ordered the nuclear armed Admiral Gorshkov “Nation Killer” warship to station itself off the eastern US coast in the Caribbean sea.

Upon Putin being told by Trump that Dr. Esper was a US army west point classmate of Secretary of State Pompeo he was convinced that the US army was now in control of the Pentagon, not the US navy, thus enabling Putin to order the transfer of an ISIS sniper named Ruslan Maratovich Asainov into FBI custody.

Ruslan Maratovich Asainov had detailed to his Russian Military Police interrogators how he had been working with an elite group of US navy seals stationed in Iraq to smuggle ISIS snipers he had trained into Mexico who would then be smuggled into America by another group of US marines, and whose intended assassination target was President Trump.

This intel caused the new (for 24 hours) Secretary of defense Esper, to order 19 navy seals and four of their support troops back to America from Iraq and suspend them, as well as his further ordering the immediate arrest of at least 16 US marines.

[End of 8chan information]

(At this moment I feel I should mention that as I retyped and rewrote this information so it would be easier for Americans to read, I recognized the writing style of this story and I am quite certain that the 8chan poster of this information is the same source known as Sorcha Faal on the website whatdoesitmean dot com. This is a source I do use, and sometimes rewrite, but I always try to validate and give credit for the information.)

Be that as it may, I have checked the facts and the dates line up perfectly with the open source news articles I have found on these events.

I found that an entire platoon of Navy SEAL commandos was indeed abruptly removed from Iraq the week of July 25, 2019 after commanders heard reports of serious misconduct and a breakdown of discipline in the elite unit.

This was the only SEAL team, operating in Iraq at that time and they were part of the anti-ISIS “Operation Inherent Resolve” campaign.

Very interesting.

Internet sources said that the commander of the Special Operations Joint Task Force “Operation Inherent Resolve” ordered the early redeployment of the SEAL Team platoon to San Diego due to a perceived deterioration of good order and discipline within the team during non-operational periods.

(Translated, it means that they were drinking, taking drugs and engaging in perverted, disgusting illegal activities that I won’t speculate on.)

It was reported “The commander lost confidence in the team’s ability to accomplish the mission.”

(Translated, that means that there were orders from higher up to re-deploy but to keep quiet about the reasons.)

Also, Sixteen US Marines were arrested Thursday the 25th for alleged involvement in various illegal activities ranging from human smuggling to drug-related offenses, according to a statement from the Marine Corps.

The arrests took place in a dramatic fashion on Thursday morning at Camp Pendleton, California, during a battalion formation.

“Information gained from a previous human smuggling investigation precipitated the arrests,” the statement said. “None of the Marines arrested or detained for questioning served in support of the Southwest Border Support mission.”

Marines Previously arrested were Byron Law II and David Salazar-Quintero. (on July 9, 2019)

Byron Law II was driving, and David Salazar-Quintero was in the passenger seat, There were three passengers in the back of the car, and they told the agent they were Mexican citizens, and had no immigration papers and were not permitted to enter the United States. These could have been the “trained snipers” but there is no way to know at this point since illegal aliens are nameless and who knows what they did with them. Perhaps they just let them go as usual. However there was information that one more illegal alien had been smuggled across and had been picked up by a blue Nisan. The two Marines and the aliens were getting their instructions from a third party via a cell phone.

Law told the agent that he was a Marine based at Camp Pendleton, and he said that Salazar-Quintero had called him the night of July 2 and asked him if he wanted to make $1,000 for picking up an immigrant,  Salazar-Quintero is also a Marine based at Camp Pendleton, and both men are lance corporals.

According to their service records supplied by the US Marine Corps, both men are riflemen with the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. They have been awarded the National Defense and Global War on Terrorism service medals.

For the story: RE: https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/09/us/marines-immigrants-smuggling-charges/index.html

This all fits quite well into the 8chan story as far as times and dates of the events go.  Russia appears to be connected to both events. The home grown wanna-be ISIS sniper being handed over to the US by the Russians working with Syria, and the disaster involving the Russian Nuclear Submarine.

I have more information about Ruslan Maratovich Asainov which connects him to Syria which would also connect him with Russia and that would explain how he fell into the hands of the Russians.

“He is a Brooklyn man, who is a naturalized American citizen and allegedly became a sniper of the ISIS terrorist group.

“He has been arrested abroad on charges of trying to provide material support, including training, services and personnel to a foreign terrorist group.” federal prosecutors said in his indictment.

That article quoted from above did not mention where he was arrested or by whom, it only said “abroad.” I am guessing he was arrested in Syria and by the Syrians or by the Russian Military police.

According to a criminal complaint revealed Friday, Ruslan Maratovich Asainov allegedly traveled to Turkey, a common transit point to enter Syria, in 2013 and joined ISIS.

First, he allegedly became a sniper for the terrorist group, then ascended to the rank of “emir,” in charge of training other ISIS members in weapons. (Allegedly?)

The connections to the navy seals in Iraq are not 100% verified, but I find it very interesting that they were part of the anti-ISIS “Operation Inherent Resolve” campaign.

Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) is the U.S. military’s operational name for the military intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIL, in the vernacular, Daesh), including both the campaign in Iraq and the campaign in Syria.

Now this is really making some sense. It is widely believed (known) that ISIS and ISIL were both created and funded by globalists and their intelligence agencies like the CIA. I have also found stories about the corruption of a bunch of Navy admirals.

It must be hard to find a decent terrorist these days after President Trump’s teams took so many of them out. That probably leaves this “Operation Inherent Resolve” and these Navy seals bored and without much to do.

This Brooklyn man  filled the bill for them and he was apparently allowed to work with and train some new guys, perhaps from Iraq with the help of these Navy seals and their “Operation Inherent Resolve.”

Russia knows that the Navy is not to be trusted and that is why President Trump had to quickly put Dr. Mark Esper into the position of Secretary of Defense because he is Army, not navy.

But it was not just about the ISIS sniper in Putin’s custody. It was about the US Navy’s top uniformed officer, U.S. Navy vice-admiral William Moran who was apparently about to start a nuclear war with Russia over the Russian submarine accident. (Refer to the 8chan post that talked about “de-esculation measures.” What could that possibly mean? I think it refers to averting a war with Russia.

It was also about Putin’s distrust of the Navy. He was not about to return the ISIS sniper back into the hands of the same people who were helping him train more snipers after he has just tortured the guy (or maybe not) to convinced him to reveal that he was “training with an elite team of Navy seals who planned to send snipers into America to assassinate President Trump.

This takes us to the final question about why Mike Pence’s trip was canceled or why he was suddenly called back to D.C. I think it was because President Trump had just heard about some ISIS snipers running loose in America having some devious plans about assassination. so perhaps it was a precautionary move. Or perhaps something more sinister was unfolding. I don’t know to be honest, but there are those who have their suspicions about Mike Pence and those who think he is perfect. There are others who call him the number one swamp rat in D.C.

Here is the data as written from 8chan.

snipers and navy seals

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