In exchange for leaving his legacy in tact Mccain was executed for high treason. However; the flag on his coffin was untucked and disheveled. The sign of a dishonorable burial. The 4/th of July D.C. Military Parade was a sign to us that the Military White Hat Alliance is in control. Eisenhower was first approached by the Military White Hat Alliance explaining that a coup’dtat was necessary to retake the government. Each President has had the ability to take back the government. Pres Trump is taking back control of the United States Government. They killed Kennedy for trying.

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When you here someone refer to “no name” they are talking about John McCain.   John Mc Cain was an enemy of the US. He was a traitor to our country, beginning with time he spent in “captivity” in Viet Nam.

No Name’s recordings of Helping our Enemy is in the National Library. They were “lost” for a few decades! Anyone can go listen. ??

GHW Bush was the first.

Now Bill Clinton is most recent. Also Ruth Bader Ginsberg died in January 2019. She has a body double walking around but suddenly is no longer bent in half—impossible. Everyone has body doubles.

John Kerry is awaiting trial.

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