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Where is Jeffery Epstein?

Where is Jeffery Epstein?


Where is Jeffery Epstein? There are very few people who actually believe he committed suicide on either side of the spectrum.

There has been a lot of speculation about this and about his “apparent death” and what really happened to him. In my constant wanderings across all things conspiracy theory, and watching and listening to all things alternative news I will give you my very best guess, (There are a lot of theories, and I think I have heard them all.) I won’t bore you with all of them. He is likely in Germany at Ramstein Air base.

Ramstein Air Base is a United States Air Force base in southwestern Germany. This intel comes from a post by some German ham radio operator. They reported that Epstein was being escorted, heavily sedated, into the air base by a heavy military contingency. One operator reported that he has never seen so many military vehicles and escorts since he has been living one mile from the base.

An anonymous Navey intel source said that this intel could be reported as an “unconfirmed sighting.” He said that the authorities will not confirm or deny where he is or when he is going to reappear.”

In any case, now that Epstein has been technically “cleared of life,” (officially,) the federal case will ramp up against all of those people associated with him in the past. Epstein is the ultimate honey pot that got them all. The deep state never saw this coming.

This is going to be so bad for the Clintons that bets are running 5 to 1 that they will commit suicide or death pack like Hitler and Ava. It will be so bad for them that they will be known for centuries as the ultimate rotten evil Satanic pedophiles that they are. Move over Hitler, there is a new name for ultimate evil, — Clintons. They will not escape judgment now, nor the judgment of history in the future!


Now prosecutors are turning their focus to Ghislaine Maxwell, and others.

Ghislaine Maxwell, also seems to be a connected to Oleg Deripaska,  a Russian oligarch, and this is another deep rabbit hole.

On Wikipedia someone put the date of Ghislane’ Maxwell’s death. The first one was August 19th and the second one is August 30th. I just checked it again, and that has date has been removed. (So much for trusting anything you read on Wikipedia.)  Was that a threat to Ghislaine?  Is this why she is hiding out?

Currently, no one knows where she is. She sold her mansion, and she has no official or registered address. According to many of the women who have spoken about what Epstein allegedly did to them, Ms Maxwell was the financier’s chief co-conspirator.

Have you got enough popcorn for the show? I don’t. I need to go to the store and get some.



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