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The Secret War News, for Q patriots only.

The Secret War News, for Q patriots only.

The resignation of John Bolton signified a positive marker and Trump no longer needs him as a place holder to pacify the Deep State. Trump is moving towards world peace and Bolton, being a neo-con war monger can be of no benefit to a peaceful agenda. I believe it was also a message to the deep state.

During the last six weeks the military actions dictated by the plan are slightly ahead of schedule.

The war with the deep state globalist cabal recently involved the taking out of the chemtrail-spraying operations being conducted from the China Lake facilities in California (where you heard reports of “earthquakes”) and the launch of a missile from San Nicolas Island Naval base, California on August 19th.

This missile launch was reported by the Pentagon as a “test” and by the fake news and spouted by the press as the possible “beginning of an arms race with Russia.” This is not true. The good news is that the San Nicolas Island Naval base has now been neutralized.

Chemtrail facilities have been and continue to be taken out at the rate of several per week. There will continue to be scattered chemtrail flights, but hopefully they will all be neutralized and/or contained by the years end or by/in the beginning of next year, as all launch sites are either normalized through command actions or taken out and made non-mission capable through direct force intervention.

A ‘Base Closed’ sign is posted outside the main gate to Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake on July 7, 2019 in Ridgecrest, California. NAWS China Lake is currently “not mission capable until further notice” following a series of earthquakes nearby. Non-essential personnel were authorized to evacuate the base due to infrastructure concerns. The base remains accessible only to mission essential personnel. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Unfortunately there are still “live” sites in other western states, and these are targeted but timing for neutralizing them is ongoing and timetables have been adjusted for their removal.

This mission is tricky, and is taking large amounts of personnel and material to contain. Roughly half of those sites made non-mission capable to date also have trafficking involved and extreme care is required to keep innocents from harm. This Force Restraint is perhaps the most delicate balancing act of all Mission Ops in all current theaters of engagement and have a 100% success rate. (Thousands of children have been rescued. )

The enemy is desperate and their threat of using bioweapons against the public has been a problem and it has been contained. So far two attempts to go live with them has been stopped by the military. In their place, mass shootings were orchestrated with the help of the Clowns In America. Unfortunately these will continue with limited success as long as the Clowns are still active. The Clowns have the deepest roots of anything the deep state threatens society with, and will take a long time to scatter and destroy completely.

More missing nukes have been located, captured and neutralized. This was not surprising, as we know precisely how many have gone missing since the Soviet Empire fell into ruin from the 1990 onwards. The less the public knows about this the better, but there are still some nukes out there.

Chinese bases in the Bermuda Triangle area threatening the East Coast of the Continental United States were recently completely destroyed by hurricane Dorian through Military”steering”. Weather control cuts both ways, if you can control “natural” weather forces through Geoengineering Ops with chemtrails and destroy crops with freezing weather and floods then you can also precisely target an area with a hurricane and make it “loiter’ over the target long enough for absolute destruction of hostile forces bases.

These particular sites were massive, cleverly concealed and hidden in plain sight at both a main site and a backup site on islands just over the horizon from the Continental United States and were shining examples of ChiCom arrogance.

Built with the help of Hussein’s Administration, they are now history. Renegade Hussein’s “legacy” of traitorous and treasonous actions are being whittled down daily, but there were literally so many of them installed during his Reign Of Terror that it will be quite some time before they are all neutralized.

The Jeffery Epstein effect (the “Eppy” effect) is just getting started and will continue to ramp up. There will be daily news drops about some celebrity or another going down, being destroyed or being effected by the “Eppy” effect one way or another.

Arrests and indictments of the lower level perpetrators of the coup and the Russia collusion hoax, should begin before the end of this year, and this will lead to the eventual arrests of the top names like Hillary Clinton, but not until 2020 around October.

Both the FISA declass and the OIG report will occur almost simultaneously and will be timed for the best optics and be based on the maximum number of deep state measures being as neutralized as we can make them in order to minimize random mass shootings, bioweapons deployments and anything else that could lead to the death or injury of innocents. For this reason, these disclosures will not be telegraphed in advance and will happen when least expected

The Deep State Cabal have been completely in the dark since 8 Chan went black weeks ago, and they are frantic to know what is going on. Q will be back in communication sooner rather than later, but do not expect Plan timetables to be issued. Disinformation and null information are powerful weapons in keeping the Deep State Cabal off their game and off guard.

Meanwhile, Q anons (And POTUS) continue to deliver the news on their hard to find websites and youtube channels as Google works tirelessly to suppress the real news.

Taken together the Military and political aspects of the Plan are working perfectly and on schedule and Patriots everywhere can see this in a number of ways both big and small.

Pray for the world.
Pray for Americans
Pray for POTUS.
Pray for the Military.
Pray for the Plan.
Pray for the annihilation of the Deep State Cabal.

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for the information used to compile this article.

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