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Trump fires Navy Seal Commanders Involved in Assassination Plot

Trump fires Navy Seal Commanders Involved in Assassination Plot

President Donald Trump ordered the Navy Special Warfare Command to immediately fire three of their top US Navy SEAL commanders on Sept 6th who were implicated in the plot to smuggle into the United States, radical Islamic snipers to assassinate Trump armed with an Obsidian 4 sniper tool. The assassination attempt was supposed to happen on July 4th, independence day.

Fired was the unit’s commanding officer, Cmdr. Edward Mason; executive officer, Lt. Cmdr. Luke Im; and the team’s top enlisted leader, Command Master Chief Hugh Spangler due to a loss of confidence that resulted from leadership failures that caused a breakdown of good order and discipline within two subordinate units while deployed to combat zones.”

This plot included these US Navy SEAL commanders providing to radical Islamic snipers a computer application named Obsidian 4 made by a secretive Silicon Valley company named American Technologies Network (ATN).

This is an application used to control rifle scopes and allows snipers to get a live stream, take video and calibrate their gun scopes from either an Android or iPhone device.

This has also led to an unprecedented court case filed by the United States Department of Justice against Silicon Valley tech giants Apple and Google demanding that they turn over all information about everyone who downloaded this application, which a US Federal Court has historically upheld in a never before seen ruling ordering both Apple and Google to immediately comply.

This once admired military branch (the Navy) is now embroiled in the greatest corruption scheme in its history known as the “Fat Leonard Scandal”, a massive bribery plot virtually ignored by the equally corrupt Obama-Clinton Regime.

The consequences have led to the appointment of incompetent US Navy commanders not being able to keep their multi-billion-dollar warships from crashing into other ships on the seas, and its no wonder that Trump fired its top commander Admiral John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations, two senior officers, and two more senior Navy leaders.

US intelligence operatives are frantically racing the clock now to find the Islamic snipers now armed with a tool provided to them by Silicon Valley tech giants to make Trump’s assassination easier for them, while the leftist lunatic mainstream propaganda media have devoted all of their time inventing and spreading ridiculous “fake news about Trump wherever they can find it and failing to bring you this real news.

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Back story on these guys and the terrorist and more information here on by blog:

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