Sorcha Faal

Senator Jon Tester’s NXIVM Vampire Honeytrap

So what’s going on with Admiral Ronny Jackson, the Physician to the President? Within 48 hours of President Trump’s announcement of his plan to replace David Shulkin with Admiral Ronny Jackson as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the Democratic Party US Senator Jon Tester received a visit from Clare and Sara Bronfman, who are members of […]

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Hillary and Huma’s Snuff Film, Real or Fake?

By Lilly Lee Looney First, I apologize for the title, but I felt I needed to let you know, right away, what this article is ultimately about. CLOAK AND DAGGER:  If you are following the cloak and dagger stuff going on you may have heard about a man named Peter John Dalglilsh, who is a […]

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